Thursday, September 8, 2011

We love matter if we live in the Netherlands or Japan. Friday is the best!

Sonya, the Netherlands


 A man and his dog. I could tell the dog loved the water because he kept barking to go in.

Salma, Canada

Communal Global,Salma

Tonight I am making my husband's favorite recipe.
Iman loves stuffed grape leaves.

May, Germany


Today is the feast of Nativity, celebrated with lot of pomp and fervor in India. The kids gather flowers from the garden to offer Mother Mary and the lady of the house cooks a special meal. This picture was taken last year while we were in India.

Rikako, Japan


Fireworks are so much fun during the summertime!

Katie, Indonesia (Canada)

The Okanagan has most of the orchards and vineyards of Canada. This means summer is TASTY here!

Maddy, New Jersey

Even though we have a few more days before the official end of summer, it's really starting to look and feel like fall around here.

Caroline, England

9th Sept

It's official. I launched Ten Minutes from Home on the 1st of September.

Becky, Philadelphia


9.9.11 We said goodbye to our favorite summer guest, Sabria this week. Wishing her all the best in her school this year. 

We said goodbye to our favorite summer guest this week. Wishing Sabria all the best in her new school year. Rock out 6th grade. We love you.


Wanda, Canada


This is one of the girls favorite things to play on at the park. Soon they will outgrow this.
Someone please make the growing up stop!

Buckeroomama, Hong Kong


Zoe helped herself to some chocolate crackles while decorating my Birthday cake.


  1. Sonya love the Sophie would do the same thing...silly pups!

    Salma- I've never had grape leaves but love making my hubby favorite meal.

    May- beautiful....I love traditions like this.

    Rikako-Fireworks are especially fun in the summertime

    Katie- yum!

    Maddy- Everybody needs a break from this rain...send it to Texas!


    Becky- I hope Sabrina has the best year too! Her smile..priceless!

    Wnada- I hear ya they grow too fast!

    Bmama-Yum Zoe is my kind of girl!

    have a wonderful weekend ladies!

  2. Such fun & smiles here today everyone :-) ~ well, maybe apart from that rainy shot Maddy ~ looks like the story of our whole summer really!! ;-)