Sunday, September 25, 2011

Today 9.26.11

Becky, Philadelphia

9.26.11Eyelashes that go on for days.

May, Germany


Over the weekend we were invited to the night watchman's tour of Lohr am Main. He wore the medieval costume of the night watchman explaining his role and the life the villagers led in the 17th century.

Buckeroomama, Hong Kong


This kid was watching Josh and his friend play Beyblades. While he is cute, the fact that he was wearing pants at least two sizes bigger was even cuter! :)

Tinajo, Sweden


Our cat loves to rest on the kitchen chair when we cook dinner - always hoping that something will fall down on the floor (which it usually does).

Sonya, The Netherlands


The only time downtown Enschede is this quiet is on a Sunday!

Caroline, England

26th Sept


Salma, Canada


Katie, Canada


Eva's got a twin!

Rikako, Japan


My father got on a coach for three hours and came to our town. Kids were holding the hand of their loving grandfather all the time.

Maddy, New Jersey/ NYC


This weekend we celebrated my hubby's birthday!



  1. Lovely shots. SO jealous of those eyelashes!

  2. Happy, happy birthday to Kleiber! He is delicious...
    almost as delicious as that apple Caroline! : )
    Love that your daddy got on the bus in order to come and visit the fam! LOVE the hand holding picture. SO stinking sweet!
    Cute little twin.
    LOVE your cat Tina!
    Those shoes are so tiny and colorful B. Great shot.
    May, what a great activity. LOVE the costume.
    Salma, I would like to visit that pretty restaurant.
    Your town looks very lovely Sonya.

    Happy Monday one and all!

  3. Awesome shots, the doll sure does look like her. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment Happy Monday


    I love
    those lashes
    the "twin"
    the birthday boy
    the watchman
    the BRIGHT baby shoes
    the kitty
    the streetlights
    the sweet grandfather
    the hotel
    and that APPLE!

    What an eclectic, fun mix to start my Monday!

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  6. Katie - Hahaha, the doll does look like her!

    Maddy - Happy birthday to Kieber! Now I know why you've been 'quiet' at Words. =)

    Becky - Why do boys get all the great long lashes? Not fair!

    The night watchman's tour sounds really interesting, May!

    Your cat is so pretty, Tina (and I am not even a cat person)!

    It's great that downtown gets some down time; here, downtown is NEVER quiet.

    Rikako - That is such a precious shot! I love the way grandparents dote on the grandkids and I love how the kids have that special love for them. :)

    Love this shot, Caroline!

    Salma - Tomato Festival? What goes on there? :)

    Happy start-of-the-week, everyone!

  7. Beautiful day all the shots!
    Happy Birthday to your hubby Maddy!

  8. Beautiful day all the shots!
    Happy Birthday to your hubby Maddy!

  9. Becky; WOW - those eyelashes will make the girls go gaga! :-)

    May; seems like a lot of fun! :-)

    B-mama; so darn cute! :-)

    Sonya; I always love city pics! :-)

    Caroline; yep, already - time flies! :-)

    Salma; seems like a nice place! :-)

    Katie; that doll is amazingly alike - wow! :-)

    Rikako; nothing beats time spent with grandchildren I´m told by my boys grandparents. :-)

    Maddy; congrats to him! :-)

  10. Buckeroomama: The colorful shoes, very pretty!!
    Tinajo: Your kitty is real clever!! With that look who wouldn't mind dropping a few crumbs for her??
    Caroline: This part of the world, the apples are aplenty on the ground.
    Salma: What is a tomato festival?? I am curious.
    Katie: I stared and stared and stared......and then freaked out!!!!!!
    Rikako: That's what my mom would always do while in India. Get onto a bus, travel for 8 hours and surprise the grandkids. They now miss their Nana terribly..:(
    Maddy: Belated wishes to your hubby!!