Wednesday, September 21, 2011

TODAY 22.9.2011


SARAH, GEORGIA9.22 First hockey game of the season and my #6 scored two goals! Yay!


MAY, GERMANY22.09.11

Today, I baked Pflaumenkuchen (German plum cake). At times, we need to eat like a German..:)


BUCKEROOMAMA, HONG KONG9.22 Tofu pudding, one of my favorite desserts growing up. We take it with sweet ginger syrup. Yum!


RIKAKO, JAPAN9.22 The omelette with rice is Kent's favorite dish. Every time I ask him what he wants to go out and eat, he says "The omelette with rice!"


CAROLINE, ENGLAND22nd Sept He got new skins for his drums ~ happy boy!


SALMA, CANADA9.22 On a stroll with my family.


LOLA, UTAHSeptember 22 Desperately missing my dear friend, Natasha, today. Big hugs going out to Austin, Texas!!! Xoxo ~ Lola


BECKY, PHILADELPHIAPhotobucket No words needed. :)


TINA, SWEDEN9.22 To me as a Swede, skyscrapers are most fascinating. I could not get enough of them when touristing in Chicago!


KATIE, CANADA2011.09.22 Emilie is learning to ride a bike and had her first fall. She was upset (as you can see) but this amazing little girl wiped away her tear and said "Mommy, I fell off but now I'm going to go back and try again." Words to live by. ;)



  1. Very Foody today girls!!
    Love the boys hockey game, and Tina's sky scraper shot is incredible!
    Emilie is too cute!

  2. Beautiful shots ladies!
    Emilie is a champ....and a sweetie too! love her attitude!