Friday, August 30, 2013

Last Friday in August 2013

BECKY ~ Philadelphia  photo daddy_zpse74d96cf.jpg

SINGWA ~ Hong Kong Fri - Aug 30, 2013 photo Yellow-ball-1_zpsc0629363.jpg

CAROLINE ~ England
We took a 5-mile hike along the The River Ribble ~ a treat to be just us two...
Fri Aug 30th photo 9608389659_de54dc080c_b_zps7fe58403.jpg

JADE ~ Thailand
 I'm working, I promise! Preggo belly & puppy protector and all.
AUG 30: I'm working, I promise! Preggo belly & puppy protector and all. photo photo21_zps20c8626a.jpg

SONYA ~ The Netherlands
Cheese Loaf
Fri Aug 30 photo cheeseloaves5_zps89efbcc5.jpg

SUSANNA ~ Finland
Kite flying with my men.
   photo Fri-August302013_zps0304d6af.jpg

WANDA ~ Montreal
Last week-end of summer. sniff....sigh........
Fri Aug 30, 2013 photo DSC_8627wm_zpsf01ceb03.jpg

Everyone....enjoy the week-end!
and see September......(you can add the music).

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Today – Aug 29, 2013

Thu - August 29, 2013 photo Thu-August292013_zps232241e8.jpg
The Ribble Valley on the Lancashire/Yorkshire borders ~ a beautiful example of the English Countryside
Thurs Aug 29th photo 9608190069_ca720c5f24_b_zpse1be982c.jpg
37 weeks pregnant!!!
AUG 29: 37 weeks pregnant! photo photo20_zpsb083fc16.jpg
 photo 27d6bbf6-6204-45f3-bf90-0299eb7b02df_zpsc192a9ac.jpg
Thurs Aug 29, 2013 photo claws1_zps0b643dca.jpg
My little one - lovin' this horsey ride.
Thurs Aug 29, 2013 photo DSC_8522wmfb_zps056eff54.jpg
Thu - Aug 29, 2013 photo Santubong-sunset-1_zpsaaef9f9d.jpg

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Monday & Tuesday Around The World

Singwa ~ Hong Kong

Girl Cousins

Jade ~ Thailand
Bacon, onion & Gruyere quiche for breakfast

Sonya ~ The Netherlands


Becky ~ USA

Susanna ~ Finland
Fast and easy "mugcake" in a microwave.

In the kidsroom

Wanda ~ Canada
Love seeing the wind blowing through these grasses.

I love clouds. Especially flat on my back.

Caroline ~ England
I'm never quite ready to see these... 

beautiful as Autumn is...

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday - August 23, 2013

SUSANNA - Finland
A little picnic near the sea - sitting in the trunk and eating sweets and Pringles

Fri - August 23, 2013 photo Fri-August232013_zpse588ff0a.jpg

SONYA - The Netherlands
Fri Aug 23,2013 photo herbs_zps8b0cab22.jpg

JADE - Thailand
AUG 23 photo photo19_zps0b24fe9c.jpg

CAROLINE - England
It's butterfly time. My Buddleia is seething!
Fri. Aug 23rd photo _DSC9857_zpsc54f2b44.jpg

SINGWA - Hong Kong 
Yummy laksa!
Fri - Aug 23, 2013 photo 2013-08-09132215_zps89b973d2.png

BECKY - Philadelphia

 photo mysel6_zps74937fe4.jpg

WANDA - Montreal
Yet....more bubble fun!
Fri Aug 23, 2013 photo DSC_8569wmfb_zps3e9e907b.jpg

Have a great week-end!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Today–Aug 22, 2013

Thurs Aug 22,2013 photo leaves7_zpse0dceb49.jpg
Yes, that is a pig's head, spotted at the table across from ours at a restaurant. At least we know the food is fresh, eh?
AUG 22: Yes, that is a pig's head, spotted at the table across from ours at a restaurant. At least we know the food is fresh, eh? photo photo18_zps84ab46ce.jpg

Beauty in a genuine vintage dress ~ used to be her Granny's!

Thurs Aug 22, 2013 photo DSC_8553wmfb_zps30dcb56a.jpg
 photo bump_zpsec1e8683.jpg
Our beautiful hometown.
Thu - August 22, 2013 photo Thu-August222013_zps9ac4a2ba.jpg
Old Hong Kong:  A miniature of an old double-decker bus in front of  a miniature of an old Hong Kong building
Thu - Aug 22, 2013 photo 2013-08-21180258_zps3143f770.png

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Around the World

Jade ~ Thailand
"Maple walnut scones for breakfast in bed."

Becky ~ USA

Susanna ~ Finland
"Apples from grandparents garden.."

Singwa ~ Hong-Kong
"I don't know what this flower is, but it looks like an upside-down hibiscus."

Sonya ~ The Netherlands

Caroline ~ England
"All last week we were doing a kids holiday club at church  (Pyramid Rock) ~ meet Captain Kethup Vs Major Brown Sauce!    Love my boys!!"

Wanda ~ Canada