Monday, September 19, 2011

Tuesday Around the World


LOLA, UTAHSeptember 20 Windmills at dusk. We love seeing these HUGE windmills at the mouth of the canyon every time we go to the reservoir.


TINA, SWEDEN9.20 To me, airplanes are both anticipation and fear. So far the anticipation wins and I plan to keep it that way.


RIKAKO, JAPAN9.20 My niece's the first nail paint experience.  She is 23yrs old. Can you believe she has never had nail painting before?  She should enjoy her beauty!


KATIE, CANADA2011.09.20


SARAH, GEORGIA9.20 Matthew has claimed the kids' play set fort as a "boys only" fort by writing his and his brother's name on the ladder steps.


SALMA, CANADACommunal Global,Salma Sunday Brunch


BECKY, PHILADELPHIA9.20.11 Kaish seems to be enjoying middle school. He is not enjoying waking up at 6:15 AM though. Not even a little bit.


MAY, GERMANY20.09.11  More blue skies, more geraniums from Germany..:)


MADDY, NEW JERSEY/NYC9.20.11 Sunday morning dance party with my nephew.


CAROLINE, ENGLAND20th Sept Baby really enjoyed being bounced on our trampoline!


WANDA, MONTREAL9.20.2011  More fune with my sis....hiding under the piano. More fun with my sis....hiding under the piano.


BUCKEROOMAMA, HONG KONG9.20 Trying on 3D glasses at a local electronics store

Come and share with us what’s up in your part of the world.  We’d love to see!
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  1. Can't wait to see all the Tuesday pictures. So fantastic!

  2. Love the photo of the kids in the 3D glasses!

  3. I really LOVE being a part of this community. I got a little worried about not having anything really interesting to show about life in Thailand. But then I came here and realized that sometimes it's great to see how our lives are all so different. And sometimes it's nice to come here and see how they are so very much the same. :)

  4. Great shots Today ladies....Wanda I love your wood floors....gorgeous! Bmama such a cute the serious faces.
    Have a wonderful day ladies!

  5. So many great shots! My favorite is Kaishon's happy face.

  6. WOW- I just love this tour around the world every Tuesday- starts my day with a smile. Love both Kaishon & Zoe- those faces warm my heart! AND that shot from the airplane- WOW

  7. Love seeing your photos Ladies! Every day it's like I am doing a World Tour while staying at my desk.
    Always lovely!

  8. I love these photos! First time linking up! New follower.

    Come visit us @

  9. So Many fun photies here today ~ Kaish is such a 'scream'!! B'mama your kiddos are so cute and Maddy ~ that reminds me so much of my little 4yo man when he's dancing! lol.
    The windmills are so stunning. Here in the UK so many people dislike these wind farms, but I really can't understand why...they seem so graceful to me!

  10. Stunning shots this week again. I love traveling around the world with you all.