Sunday, September 11, 2011

God Bless the USA

Maddy, New Jersey/NYC


This picture was taken from Liberty State Park approximately a year ago. Where the brick path once laid is now the home of the "Empty Sky" memorial honoring the victims of the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center. Today two walls cut into the grassy hill, creating a walkway that directs the eye across the river to the where the two missing towers once stood. Our beautiful skyline and our lives are forever changed and we will never forget the victims, their families, as well as the brave men and women who gave up their lives that day and every day since protecting our country. 

 Lola, Utah

Monday 12

Kort is so happy to have finally conquered the monkey bars! And is it just me, or is it super impressive that he can even make a monkey face while crossing the monkey bars?! Oh the talent...

 Caroline, England
12th Sept ~ Discovery!

He's almost 9 months, on the move and discovered cupboards ~ this one hosts all the 'players' (DVD, Video, PS2, etc...) ~ it's the most important cupboard in the house if you're a boy of course...starting as he means to go on I'm sure!

Katie, Canada


Fancy a drink?

Buckeroomama, Hong Kong


The Jade Market in Kowloon. An interesting place for affordable jade pieces and other costume jewelry.

 May, Germany


The last of the summer colors.

Rikako, Japan


 Today's special sashimi. YUM!

 Sarah, Atlanta, Georgia


Trying to talk to big brother through a face mask at hockey practice.

Sonya, Netherlands


Dew drops are one of my favorite things.

Tina, Sweden


 I enjoy surprising my boys with silly things, like this balloon soccer. Took a LOT of work but was so worth it when I saw their smiles and heard them say: "How did you DO that mommy"?!

Becky, Philadelphia


We will never forget.
So thankful we have overcome.


  1. I am so proud to be an American. This was a very special day in our country. We will never forget. I pray each one of us, no matter where we are, seeks to make a difference in the world. May we fill our countries with more love and kindness. Pass along hope.

  2. What Becky said!! I will never forget!

    Beautiful and fun pictures on this lovely Monday ladies!

  3. I´ll never forget either, it was the day that changed my view on the world. Can´t believe 10 years has passed because I remember the emotions so vividly.

    Love all of your pics, they are just lovely! :-)

  4. Beautiful Monday ladies! I think the best way to honor all those lives that were lost that day is to keep celebrating life, love and family!

  5. Right on Maddy. Beautiful post Becky - Thank you!!!

  6. My favorite is your soccer photo, of course. Love it. So glad Becky linked it up tonight:)