Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Becky in Philadelphia
Amy and Pete's baby is going to be here any day! EEEK! Can't wait to find out what it will be

Buckeroomama in Hong Kong


On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, many of the kids played with glow stsicks and lanterns.

Caroline in England

15th Sept ~ Peace!

You might think that 'peace' is an ironic title to give this picture ~ but do you see his face? He is at total peace when he is lost in a world of music and drums. Some Mums might hate the volume of a full-on drum kit for over an hour at times, but me ~ I'm fine with it. I love that he has a passion. I love that he is REALLY good! It's not so much noise when it becomes music in it's own right. His joy ~ my pride!!

Katie in Canada


Lola in Utah

Thursday 15
Goooooood Morning Bubbuh! {There's nothing quite like the smell of dog breath in the morning.}

Maddie in NYC/New Jersey


Fall only means one thing...FOOTBALL!

May in Germany


The colors are slowly changing. Can feel the chill in the air. Summer, please do not leave...

Rikako in Japan


Kent who has begun to be interested in baseball recently. He practices in batting center.

Sarah in Atlanta


My baby's first day of preschool!

Sonya in The Netherlands


Fall has arrived in The Netherlands!

Wanda in Canada

9.15,2011  That smile just grabs my heart every time.

That smile just grabs my heart every time.
And that's how it rolls for us TODAY at Communal Global !


  1. Great stories here today friends ~ and do you see it? Everything is looking just a little more autumnal as the days go by...

  2. Happy Thursday : )
    Lovely pictures.
    I can't believe how fall is already SO present in the Netherlands. Wowzers.
    Wishing you a happy Summer day : )
    We still have 6 days left!

  3. Happy Thursday Ladies! Beautiful smiles today..

  4. I agree, Caroline!! Things are looking just a little more "autumny" with every passing day. Good news is that I love the fall :)

  5. Thank you ladies for all your good wishes. The test was good, now keeping my fingers crossed for the results!!!
    Happy Thursday everyone!!