Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Wednesday - Happy Hump Day - Half gone,half way there - or just Happy Today!

Katie - Indonesia & Canada


Will you look at the chubb on those legs? Adorable.



Picking wildflowers for our tortise named Sherman



Kathryn's 3rd grade class studied the Middle East. Each student was given a country and researched it. Then they all gave a presentation and had a big Middle Eastern feast. She did a great job with her presentation -- she had Iraq!

Rikako in Japan


At grandpa's. It is all pumpkins.

May in Germany


Today, I will be tested for my A1 level of German. Many a times I have been wanting to give up. Thanks to a husband who doesn't give up on me, who encourages and motivates me constantly.

Maddy in NYC/New Jersey


My sister and I got lost looking for a flea market in the pouring rain, so we found a charming little coffeeshop to pass the time until the rain settled.

Lola in Utah

Wednesday 14

Aw brothers. They are playing inside of a giant egg at the Hogle Zoo playground.

Caroline in England

14th Sept ~ precious!

My gorgeous little baby boy ~ why can't he stay like this forever! I just want to capture every moment of his babyness, lest 10 years from now I forget what he was like. I sometimes wish though that you could hear a picture too ~ his baby sounds are so precious :-)

Buckeroomama in Hong Kong


Josh and his friends love to pretend to be jedis.

Becky in Philadelphia


Little baby feet in pink shoes. What could be better? Brooke is getting so big!

Wanda in Montreal

9.14,2011  Can't wait for more beach walks next summer. Sigh.......

Can't wait for more beach walks next summer. Sigh.......


  1. Hi May,

    We are moving to Austria next year so I will feel your pain learning German too!


  2. Really Katie?? That' so cool. Austria is very beautiful...:) Maybe we can practice our German with each other..:D

  3. The photos are beautiful - an around the world children pics is a must!
    Have a lovely day.

  4. Beautiful pictures today! May good luck on your German test I feel your pain.

    Have a wonderful day ladies!

  5. All the best with your German test, May! I had a few units of German in university and was able to put it to good use when traveling in Germany over 10 years ago, but ask me now and I don't remember anything beyond "Sprechen Sie Deutsche?" =)

  6. I'm in love with just about every single photo today ~ they are so lovely, each in their own way :-)

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