Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Today 21.9.2011


TINA, SWEDEN9.21 The beauty of nature´s creatures can really take my breath away.




BUCKEROOMAMA, HONG KONG9.21 A love note from my sweet little girl.


MAY, GERMANY21.09.11 For the next one year after school time, it's just her and me..:)


RIKAKO, JAPAN9.21 A new school term begins in Sep, the work of art which the students made during summer vacation was displayed. Kent made the dinosaurs with clay.


SARAH, GEORGIA9.21 Back in the saddle again :) Horse riding lessons have started up again!


CAROLINE, ENGLAND21st Sept This beautiful butterfly was hanging on for dear life whilst the wind howled around it.


KATIE, CANADA2011.09.21 My little Canuck


MADDY, NEW JERSEY/NYC9.21.11 The kids watching the middle school football game.


SALMA, CANADACommunal Global,Salma Supporting breast cancer.


LOLA, UTAH September 21 Found this in an old folder... MAN my little Tentens is getting way too big way too fast! {5 months old in this picture, 13 months old now.}



  1. Jellyfish ~ have to be one of God's most bizarrely beautiful creations!
    Chubby cheeked babies ~ always irresistible!
    Time with our children & love letters from them ~ SO precious.
    Kent's dinosaurs ~ brilliant!
    ?Shmores? ~ must try that sometime...!
    Breast Cancer ~ a worthy cause of our support.
    And well BW pictures of kids ~ I always LOVE those!! ~ somehow you see their souls even from the back!

  2. The first shot is awesome! Caught my eyes straight away.
    Lots of cute babies around.
    Breast Cancer, we all hear the call for support - To keep in our mind always
    B&W are my favourites - They talk to me.
    Thanks again for a great selection! have a lovely day!

  3. Beautiful shots of your world today ladies!

  4. What a beautiful shot, Tina!

    Buckeroomama - I need a translation, please :)