Old Friends!

Our Communal Global blog has been running since the January 2010. Along the way we have had many wonderful companions who have contributed for a while, but for one reason or another ~ often just a hectic life schedule ~ they have moved on. In the interests of good house-keeping and keeping the blog current, I am adding links that I can find here and removing their names from the top 'tab-bar'. 

To see posts that any of these girls contributed to, just punch their name in the (new) search box at bottom of the page, and you'll have a list. You may find a few broken links in older pages, but if you do just let me know and I'll try to fix it.

Cornelia ~ South Africa
Becky ~ PA, USA
Emily ~ Sicily, Italy /  Japan / Beijing
Isabel ~ Malaysia
Jade ~ Thailand
Jen ~ Philipines
Jennifer ~ Germany
Kat ~ Australia
Kate ~ Las Vagas, USA
Katie ~ Canada / Indonesia
Laura (Lola) ~ Utah, USA
Maddy ~ NYC/New Jersey, USA
May ~ Germany
Nisa ~ Bahamas
Rikako Fukuoka,  Japan
Rocio ~ Mexico
Sarah ~ Georgia, USA
Suki ~ Germany
Sonya ~ The Netherlands
Tezzi ~ Finland
Tinajo ~ Sweden
Tressa ~ Norway
Wanda ~ Montreal, Canada

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