Thursday, March 4, 2010

3.4.10 "TODAY"

3.4 Today
My youngest is her birthday this weekend!

3.4 "Today"
I start packing and getting ready for a drive to southern Finland, where I'll meet my father who's flying in from Canada to attend the memorial service of one of his friends that passed away a couple of weeks ago.

Today 4.3.10
Today I was able to capture something simple but amazing :)

3.4 Today
Went to Las Vegas to meet my husband after a work conference. This is our view from our hotel, The Venetian.

3/4 Today
Happy Birthday! My Father.I can't count his age. His age is too large for me to count.

Today 3.4
I've been trying to play Unbreak my Heart (Toni Braxton)...I think I'll practice a bit today.

3.4  Today
Had a fun day at Ocean Park.

(Look Suki! A self portrait...uh, sort of) Today I actually SHOWERED, and DID MY HAIR (well, sort of) AND MAKE UP (applause welcome)so I thought it would be a great time to take a few shots of the baby bump that friends and family have been asking to see. I know it's not much of a bump just yet, but it's a kicking, wiggly, wonderful bump, so it feels like a lot to me! Sorry everything seems to be centered around pregnancy these days, it's just that... well, everything sort of is! I'll try and get some other interests - kay? Just bear with me here :)

3.4 Today
Today I watched a child experience wonder.

3.4 Today
Today seems like a good day to climb a tree and this one is the best one I have ever found!

3.4.10 Today
Today we went to a party. We encountered the most beautiful Great Grandmother. I loved her wrinkles. And her smile. And the light in her eyes. Loved it so much. Beautiful Women: 'Women sit, or move to and fro— some old, some young; The young are beautiful— but the old are more beautiful than the young.' Walt Whitman


  1. Beauty found across the globe I'm really enjoying seeing the world this way. Have a wonderful Thursday ladies!

  2. Happy Birthday to Cornelia's sister and Rikako's father.

    I love your dad's subtle smile. What a wonderful portrait of your Dad! May his year be filled with blessings.

    Sarah is such a jet setter! You just gotta love that girl! What a view.

    I love that I get to look at Buckaroomama's kids every day. Their little faces make me SO happy.

    I love your picture Tezzie. I am sorry your father has lost a friend. I am thankful that you will get to spend time with him.

    Suki, the light is AMAZING. Wow.

    Lola, you are too pretty. : ) You look lovely.

    The tree is magnificent. WOW!

    Experiencing wonder in the eyes of a child. That is a great thing.

    Beautiful as always girls. Just pure loveliness!

  3. Becky, you are a ROCK STAR commenter :)

    Loving all the pictures...Lola you are beautiful! Love the baby bump!

    Buckeroomama, ditto on what Rebeckah said. I just want to reach through the pictures and give your kids a squeeze, they are too cute!

  4. Cornelia - I love that image; the peaceful feeling of it, and the bare feet warming in the sun on the dry earth. Sigh...lovely!

    Suki - a truly interesting shot! I can honestly say that I've never enjoyed looking at toilet paper this much before :D LOL

    Sarah - That view is stunning...I love the contrast between the blue sky and the yellow of the building (is that building meant to look like a pack of cigarettes??!)

    Rikako - Happy Birthday, Dad! There is great wisdom in his eyes...

    Salma - Oh, how wonderful! I wish I could play the guitar, but the chords are just beyond me...and it hurt my fingers when I tried it (a long time ago :D)

    Buckeroomama - Simply adorable...wonderful colour and sharpness in your photo!

    Lola - you're gorgeous...and so is your bump :D (looove that hat, btw!!)

    Emily - the world is an amazing place seen through the eyes of a child...

    Katie - That is just about the most incredible thing I've ever seen!!! It's HUGE!! (can you just imagine how awesome it would be to have that in your backyard and be able to build a treehouse in it??!)

    Rebeckah - it's so wonderful to see older and younger generations connect. Lovely photo, so full of feeling!!

  5. Cool pictures everyone.
    Sarah the view from the hotel is so gorgeous :)
    Lola, yay for doing a self portrait :) Congrats on that beautiful little bump.
    Rikako, happy birthday to your father.

  6. Cornelia - I love that photo of your sister sitting there, barefoot, quietly sketching away. Happy birthday to her! :)

    Suki - Your shots are always so creative. I love it. :)

    Rikako - Happy birthday to your father. My dad's having his birthday next week. :)

    Salma - I always think people who can play the guitar are way cool!

    Lola - You look fab! :)

    Emily - This made me smile. Big. :)

    Katie - Wow! *jaw drop* That is one awesome tree.

    Rebeckah - Sweet, sweet photo and what a lovely quote. :)

  7. Rikako,

    Love seeing Daddy Sakamoto. It's been soooooo long. I think I last saw him over 20 years ago...So I am guessing he is AT LEAST 20 years older NOW!!!.

  8. Lola~ absolutely beautiful. I love the tummy.

    Tezzie~ you have to keep your nails really short, then on the other hand, you have to toughen up the fingers, it sucks, but I really appreciate the feel of it.

    Bukeroomama~ I start and stop every time, I am useless really. My 10 year old teaches me and puts me to shame when I fail.

    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pics everyone.

  9. Nancy-It has been 20yrs!?Oh,That'r right!
    I can't even count my age.(intentionally)

    Cornelia-Happy Birthday to your sister! The Green and her outfits are maching.

    Tezzie-hope that he had a safe flight. and Heavy snow I see, so drive carefully!

    Suki-Yes, it is amazing. Your photos are always beautiful like the postcard.

    Sarah-Wow,Look at the sky! What a cloud!

    SALMA-"unbreak my Heart", That's good song!

    Buckertoomama-LOVELY shot!

    Lola-You look great! love your make-up! The baby bump gives me a happy feeling.

    Emily-I am experiencing wonder through your shot.

    Katie-What a spiritual and huge tree!

    Rebeckah-Beautiful shot, Beatufui quote. I want to take the age as beautifully as her.