Monday, March 15, 2010

3.15.2010 "TODAY"

3.15.10 Today
My best friends daughter turns one today. She is a precious baby girl! Happy Birthday Sweet Sophia.

We put up the last pieces of wallpaper in our hallway. It looks gorgeous. I am glad we are done.

3.15 "Today"
The in-laws' cat Tarja begs a treat...the poor boy doesn't have an easy life as a farmcat...with a girl's when he peeks through the window, I take a look in the fridge to see what I can give him :D

3/15 "Today"
Counting airplanes.

3/15 Today
This shot is for Emily. The sweets of Italy that we had were really delicious!

3.12 Today
I got to congratulate my sister and her fiancé on their engagement!

Today 3-15,10
Play date..:)

A good friend came over and we cooked "breakfast for two." It was fun to visit, and cook, and laugh, and eat good food, and we had the peace and QUIET to do so because the kiddies were in school! (Woo-hoo!)

3.15   Today
Today, we managed to get the last spot in the metered parking lot --yay!

3.15 Today
We're home from our spur of the moment trip through southern Italy. I'm glad to be back in Sicily, but I already miss watching the sunrise from our balcony in Positano.

3.15 Today
I missing my wonderful hubby who has been gone FOREVER on business trips and will be gone a while yet still. :(


  1. Oh no, Katie! I really dislike it when James is gone. Hope you have some friends out there who help keep the loneliness at bay. I'm sure Mimi helps!

    Emily, that is lovely! I would be missing it already too!

    Buckaroomama, awesome! It's always nice when things go perfectly.

    Lola, that looks (and sounds) delicious! Fly out to Nassau and let's repeat. lol!

    Sarah, how fun! Congrats to your sister and almost brother-in-law!

    Rikako, Mm! I bet they were!

    Oh He is beautiful! Does Tarja have a special meaning? Why did he get a girl's name?

    I love doing things like that. It's so rewarding when it's done!

  2. Suki - oh, what a great feeling to finish a home renovation!! We're painting and wallpapering our house, too...but we're still a few weeks away from being finished :(

    Nisa - that's such a gorgeous blue sky! Is there a special reason to be counting airplanes?? (or am I just missing something?)
    As for the cat having a girl's, I'm afraid there's no deep meaning behind it; just that although the in-laws are farmers, they still seem unable to figure out the gender of their cats...and almost unfailingly give them a name of the opposite gender! Tarja is the first name of the Finnish president :D

    Rikako - Sweet! ;D

    Sarah - congrats to the gorgeous happy couple!!!

    Lola - Time with your friend...AND a fantabulous breakfast; it can't get much better than that! :D

    Buckeroomama - what a cool shot! Love it in b/w. You gotta love those moments when the universe seems to be cooperating for once ;D

    Emily - stunning view! what I wouldn't give to have a few days in a place like that!!

    Katie - hope your hubby comes home to you soon...what a sweet looking couple you make! :D

  3. New Providence is a relatively small island and it's also the home to the airport in the Bahamas so there are a lot of planes flying overhead. My boys LOVE them! I just wish I was on one. I need a holiday! I know that sounds funny considering where I live, but I'm a traveler. I go stir crazy very easily!

  4. I love all the pictures today... as I do every day : ).

    Congratulations to your sister Sarah! That ring is something else!

    LOVE your breakfast for two Lola! So fun. You do the most creative things.

    The kitty is GORGEOUS!

    The view from your hotel in Italy is too pretty for words.

    Way to go with the parking space BM : )

    Way to go with the wall paper Suki!

    Sorry your husband is gone! Hope he comes home soon!

  5. Lovely pictures of all contributors. Hoping you all have a wonderful Monday!

  6. Rikako, your little one is adorable! I'm sure the sweets were delicious :)

    Nisa, I'm curious why you were counting airplanes?

    Tressa, that toothless grin is adorable!

    Lola, I'm so impressed with your breakfast and jealous that you had some peace and quiet time with a friend!

    B-mama, How much does it cost to park in Hong Kong?

    Emily, that is a beautiful view.

    Katie, I hope your hubby comes home soon! I hate it when mine is gone for longer than a few days!

    Suki, I hope you had a relaxing evening after hanging all that wallpaper!

    Tezzie, what is that cat eating? Looks like cut up hot dogs!

  7. Katie - Hang in there. I feel the same way when C goes away on biz trips. (BTW, has anyone ever told you you look like Heather Locklear?)

    Rikako - She is ADORABLE!! :)

    Emily - That is such a beautiful view. I would miss it, too. You managed to capture it in a beautiful photo, though.

    Lola - Much as I love my kiddos, it's great when they're away at school and I can catch up with friends, with no interruptions! :)

    Sarah - Congrats on your sister's engagement!

    Re: parking here in HK... It gets really expensive. Downtown it's US$3 per hour, so it really adds up. At the metered slots, it's only US$1 per hour.

    Tressa - I love how they mugged for you! :) That toothless grin is priceless.

    Tezzie - Is Tarja eating sliced up hotdogs? LOL!

    Nisa - My kids love to that, too. :)

    Suki - That's such a great feeling, isn't it, to have completed a project? :)

  8. Becky: Happy Birthday Sophia! She is Precious!

    Suki: Time to relax!! =)

    Tezzie: Aww he sure did like those winnies!

    Nisa: Cool! We had an Air Festival on Sat. I will be posting pictures on Wed.

    Rikako: Yummy!!!

    Sarah: Aww Congrats!!! Love their smiles...♥♥

    Tressa: How FUN!! They are Adorable!

    Lola: What Yummylicious Breakfast!!!!

    Buckeroomama: Oh my!! That is one cool metered!

    Emily: What a Beautiful View!! Breathtaking...♥♥♥

    Katie: aww sorry! Hang in there...♥ When will he be home?

  9. Rebeckah - She is so pretty!! Look at those eyes and those to-die-for lashes! :)

  10. Awww, thanks for your thoughts all. It certainly is a bummer when hubs is gone, especially for this long. So what do I do when he can't come to me? I go to him. Mimi and I are going to meet him for the last week of his trip and in BALI no less. I love happy endings. :)

    Becky - I agree with Buckeroomama. Sophia is just a doll!

    Suki - Congrats! Do we get to see the finished result?

    Tezzie - What a stunning cat! He has just an interesting "face". I love that you caught him with his tongue out. ;)

    Nisa - What a perfect blue sky! What a paradise you live in.

    Rikako - Ooooooh, dark chocolate is my favourite!

    Sarah - A big congratulations to your sister. She and her fiance look so happy together!

    Tressa - Two gorgeous girls! They look like good friends.

    Lola - *Drool* That looks so yummy! I love the flowers too. I hardly ever have cut flowers but whenever I do they just make me feel happy and light and I think "Why don't I do this more often?"

    Buckeroomama - Whew. I know how much getting a spot can mean. I'm glad you got it!

    Emily - Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. That just looks like heaven to me.

  11. P.S.
    Buckeroomama - No, but I'll take it! You're so sweet. :)

  12. Hee hee...indeed, those are cut up hotdogs! He usually gets slightly better food than that, but the fridge was reeeally empty that day ;D But, he loved them, just the same...the great thing about farm cats is that they're not finicky!