Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3.23.2010 "TODAY"

3.23 Today
T-ball practice has started! It's our first season, so it should be very exciting (& humorous!)

3.23 "Today"
Linus misses his cuddle time on the couch with Moffa :(

3.23 Today
We had a picnic: Grapetizer, Strawberries, delicious buns and Biltong. Bitlong is dried and pickled meat which are then cut into slices. It was used by the pioneers when they needed food that would not go bad in our hot climate. Delicious!

We went and watched daddy's soccer coaching skills in action for the first time today! Evil, sneaky Utah/March tricked us into thinking it would be a beautiful day, but twenty minutes into the game, the sun disappeared behind the clouds, the canyon winds picked up, and we were freezing! I took about 50 pictures of the team and the game (planning to share my favorite shot with all of you) but wouldn't you know it...? My favorite shot had nothing to do with the game! {I especially love the freckles, and the little piece of Bubbuh that tagged along with us on the collar of Kort's coat.}

Today 3.23.10
Today I FINALLY got around to printing out some of my favorite photos.

Today was a gorgeous day and I think spring is finally coming around the corner :)

3.23 Today

3.23.10 Today
Today I got to hang out with my friend Tiffany and her beautiful one year old daughter. It doesn't get much cuter than this, does it? I heart little girls!

3.23  Today
We discovered the rooftop at the community sports centre. My son decided to take a picture of me taking a picture of him.

3/23 TODAY
Relaxing Coffee Break

3.23 Today
Just got back from another trip to Bali to visit hubs who was there for business. Bali is a dreamland where even my useless point and shoot compact camera can take decent pictures.


  1. Smiles all around today! great shots ladies!

  2. What I love about these pictures:
    kids with cameras
    creative coffee swirls!

    Happy Tuesday Friends!

  3. I always love the "Today" posts because I never know what to expect. Lovely shots as always.

    *Emily and Buckeroomama, I cannot leave comments on your blogs because I can't seem to post in the embedded comment section.
    Perhaps others have this problem as well.

    Maybe you can do pop up???

  4. Rikako, how awesome for your coffee to be smiling back at you. Nice pictures all around. Love it.

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  6. Cornelia -- Pickled meat? I've never heard of Biltong. Sounds...interesting :)

    Tezzie -- I love that everytime I see your dog I do a double take and think it's mine!

    Lola -- my gosh! His eyelashes are gorgeous! Why do boys always get the pretty lashes?

    Tressa -- Good for you! I have so many pictures that I want to have printed.

    Suki -- yay for sun flare!

    Emily -- lovely butterfly :)

    Becky -- adorable!

    B-mama -- that looks like such a neat kid-friendly camera!

    Rikako -- that is the cutest coffee I have ever seen. Hands down!

  7. Sarah - Awesome pic! Loved scrolling down in anticipation of what was going to be in focus. Hope you have a fabulous first season!!

    Cornelia - Delish!! The dried meat would be interesting to try...and that sandwich is making my stomach growl!

    Lola - ooohhh...love the freckles. So cute :D (and love that you didn't edit Bubbuh out of the pic ;D

    Tressa - Fun to get so many pics from you today! :D (all gorgeous, I might add...)

    Suki - lovely flare! (and please send some spring weather northwards! ;D)

    Emily - so pretty!

    Becky - oh, I heart them too! Simply adorable!!!

    Buckeroomama - what an awesome spot! It seems like a peaceful place...

    Rikako - cute :D...but I don't know if I could drink that...I'd be too sad to hurt the teddybear!

  8. Sarah! This was SO gorgeous. It deserved a comment all of its own. I LOVE it! And do you know what else I love? Sweet Frau and Miss Tezzi who takes time EVERY SINGLE DAY to comment and encourage all of us. Let's go and visit those girls and say THANK YOU! I just LOVE nice people!

  9. You are right Becky! Love me some Frau and Tezzie! (and everyone else too - of course!) Special apologies go out to Sarah, Tressa, AND Katie, all of whom were skipped last night as I transferred the photos! Sheesh! I am on CRACK after 10:00 pm what is the deal!!!

    As always, please let me know if you get skipped!

    Yay - Salma's back! We've missed you!

    Also, KATE from Las Vegas will hopefully be rejoining us soon... in case you were wondering :) She's just out of comission for a bit!

  10. Awww...thanks for the love, guys! :D I love coming here to see all of you every day...it's like hanging out with a group of girlfriends. Plus, of course, you're all such awesome photographers and seeing your pics not only fills me with inspiration, but also lets me still my itchy travel bug ;D

    Take care, and a special thanks to Becky for your thoughtfulness and general sweetness (did you know that you were one of the first people to ever comment on my blog?!...made me sooo happy!)

  11. I love these pictures and I'm so glad I found your link on Twitter. I'm super excited to post my "Today" photo for your contest! I might post before April 1st...I have patience of a 5 year old....