Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3.31.2010 "TODAY"

Sorry for adding so late. Life is so hectic over here. All preparations must be made because of Easter. Sometimes I just need a break and today it happened to be in that glorious swing.

3.31.10 Today
Today I played with one of my favorite one year olds. Aren't these shoes FABULOUS? I want some!

3/31 TODAY
I enjoyed "Dim Sum"(Chinese cuisine) lunch with my co-workers. It was the company's treat. "Dim Sum" are usually served in a small steamer basket or on a small plate. Their dumplings were sooo delicious.

American in Norway
Eva Gabrielle (my 5 year old) has been busy decorating for Easter (Påske) it is HUGE over here... Everything closes today at noon....

3.31 "Today"
I'm (still) building my kitchen chairs...but they're nearing completion :D

Doggy portrait day! For no good reason...other than I was bored :)

3.31 Today
My daughter, Kathryn, donned her UGA cheerleading outfit in preparation for a sports-themed birthday party.

3.29 Today I drove to Mexico...
Today I went to Mexico.
“At the sight of blackbirds
Flying in a green light,
Even the bawds of euphony
Would cry out sharply.”
— Wallace Stevens, Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Blackbird
Today on my way to the airport I saw an amazing flock of blackbirds. I had to stop. It was beautiful!

3.31 Today
Today I learned about the gamelan, an Indonesian instrument (from Java & Bali) that sounds somewhat like a glockenspiel but its sounds resonates more. Beautiful and interesting! (Bali, Indonesia)

3.31 Today

3.31 Today
One of my best friends from childhood is getting married soon. This picture of her and her mother was taken at her kitchen tea.

3.31  Today
Today, it crossed my mind that maybe I should make 'chops' for both Josh and Zoë. The chops are actually 'stamps' with their Chinese names engraved... usually used with a red ink pad.


  1. BECKY-lovely little foot and little shoes! I want that shoes for my daughter.

    Tressa-That's really cute decoration!

    Tezzie-You build your kitchen chairs!? I want to see that.(Someday)

    Lola-Your dogs are so cute. I want to keep this shot as my favorite postcard!

    Sarah- Sports-themed birthday party sounds fun. She looks perfect!

    ROCIE-What an amazing shot!What the blackbird are doing?

    Katie- I love sounds of the gamelan.
    That would be great if you can play.

    Emily-Pretty shot! Isn't the water cold??

    Cornelia- Beautiful shot of mother and daughter. I love it.

    Buckerooomama- I would like to make "chops" too.
    Quite a lot of various kinds I see.

  2. I love Sarah's little cheerleader. She is so fantastically sweet : ) And you are such a great Mommy for listening to her cheers! : )

    I am so hungry right this second. I think I could eat everything on that table Rikako! It looks SO delicious. Oh my!

    I love your House decorations Tressa! A house filled with happy drawings and art work from children is my most favorite kind!

    So impressed that you make your own chairs. What a process that must be. Magnificent!

    Lola's dogs are so pretty.

    Rocio I am SO glad you stopped for that picture. Wow. The field and the sky are so pretty. What gorgeous colors.

    I am glad you stopped to take a picture of the musician! Such fun! I can almost hear his clanging drums.

    Every time I see Katie's daughter I think she is the most delicious thing. All tan and blue eyed and ADORABLE! Love to see her in the sand.

    How great that you get to spend time with your best friend and her mother. Aren't Bridal showers the best? Is that what a tea is like?

    Oh yes Buckaroomama! You should make chops for the children. Don't you think that would be picture worthy? Girls from all around the world would love to see that!

    Happy Wednesday friends!

  3. Wonderful today pictures.
    I am loving them all.

    I did upload my picture though. Can it be added?

  4. BECKY: Precious!!! The tiny shoes are the cutest thing ever!

    RIKAKO: That was Yummylicious!

    TRESSA: Love it!!! Awesome decorations!

    TEZZIE: Love that shot!! Can't wait to see the chairs!

    LOLA: They are ADORABLE!!!!!!!! They seem so Happy to be photograph...☺

    SARAH: 2 CÜTE!!

    KATIE: I would love to listen to that!!! I most Google it on You Tube!! Love the pic!

    EMILY: Beautiful...♥♥♥

    CORNELIA: Congrats to your Friend! They look so happy!

    BUCKROOMAMA: Now I would love to see the process of that!! Please post some!

  5. Oh and the black birds were eating wheat!!!

  6. SUKI--Great swing!!
    RIKAKO--The food looks so delicious.I guess by now you carry your camera EVERYWHERE with you. Love seeing your communial blogspot.
    TRESSA--Love your Easter decorations by your 5 year old. Great job!
    KATIE--Love seeing new (different) types of intersting musical instruments. I especially enjoyed this one. Thanks!!
    BUCKEROOMANA--Enjoyed seeing the many rows of stamps. Fun!!

  7. I commented some time back. I LOVE this blog and I lurk around often :D I would LOVE also to be a part of it. I an in the UK ~ and you don't have anyone from here yet :D Check out my photos at & and see if you think I could be up to the task :D
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  8. These are all so great. Buckeroomama, please tell us more about 'chops' in a future post -- when I first read that, I thought you were talking about pork chops! :)

    Can't wait for our contest!!