Tuesday, March 16, 2010


3/16 My favorite pastime
My boy met the wild monkeys at Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Garden. We were healed by monkey, but my boy...was scared to death.

One of our favorite pastimes is going to the reservoir with two of Kort's favorite cousins/best friends. We pack a picnic basket, and a cooler full of goodies, and set up for the day. The boys go from swimming, to sandcastle building, to picnic-ing, to exploring the day away...and it is heaven. And my sis-in-law Nancy and I sit under an umbrella, talk about life, and babies, and funny things our kids have said that week, and we eat peaches, and look at the mountains, and I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS SUMMER!

3.16 "A favourite pastime"
I love gardening...so during this time of year, my fingers start itching to be back in the dirt, and I desperately search the ground for the first signs of spring. Sadly, it'll be until April or May when I first get to see these pretty spring flowers (Wood Anemone / Windflower in English...Vitsippa in Swedish).

3.16  A Favorite Pastime
Bejeweled... need I say more?

3.16 A favorite pastime
I love taking my girls out for nature walks, finding flowers and trying to learn their names.

3.16 A favorite pastime
Swimming with Emilie has got to be my current favourite. She loves the water so much that and her joy is absolutely contagious!

3.16.10 A favorite pastime
'The bicycle, the bicycle surely, should always be the vehicle of novelists and poets.' ~Christopher Morley
Kaish loves to ride his bicycle. And I love to follow him all around the neighborhood!

A favorite past time...
I like baking FUN cakes & throwing parties.. ; )

3/16 "A Favorite Pastime"
This is the pool in our gated community and do we love to swim! Preferably when the pool is clean... ;)


  1. Tressa: That cake ROCKS!!!

    Nisa: I can't wait to get in a nice warm pool again!

    Becky: Can you believe we don't have bikes!!! We will get some for the summer!!!

    Katie: Emilie is Adorable!!!!

    Emily: What great way to spend the day with Mamí!

    Buckeroomama: That game ROCKS!!!

    Tezzie: Beautiful...♥

    Lola: Awesome!! We have our Beautiful South Padre Island and we love surfing and spending many many hours there!

    Rikako: aww poor baby!!!

  2. All the pictures were great but that cake was wonderful! What a good job you did!

  3. Funny how everyone's favorite past time is involving summer or warmer weather. Boy we all are itching for winter to be gone and I mean really gone! Love the cake, so talented!

  4. That cake absolutely rocks, Tressa!

    I think we all SO over winter and the cold weather... bring on spring!

    Rikako - I think my kids would be fascinated by the monkey, but at the same time, scared of it, too! :)

  5. I think everyone is definitely ready for spring/summer! I'm not ready for the heat here, but summer does mean a lot of traveling and family time for me so I'm excited for it too!

    Beautiful pictures, everyone! Tressa, will you fly out around my boys' birthdays in Dec and make them one? lol! You should see my attempts at cake decorating. I may just have to post one next week!

  6. Awww... thanks for the sweet comments.. I am sooo NOT a cake maker but I have a ghood time playing around it. Love all of the summer pictures- I am soo ready! : )
    Great pictures y'all!

  7. Rocio - thank you! <3

    Rikako - Hmmm...WILD monkeys?? What an awesome, fun place...but I think I'd be glad if those monkeys are actually pretty tame, if they come THAT close! (otherwise, I think I'd have the same expression on my face as your son does...poor guy!)

    Lola - That does sound absolutely heavenly!!

    Buckeroomama - (luckily) I've managed to not try it...I spend way too much time in front of the computer as it is, and I have a feeling the game is pretty addictive! ;D

    Emily - too funny we posted almost the exact same picture ;D Beautiful flower...and what a fun pastime to share with your daughters!

    Katie - what a neat contraption! She sure looks like she's loving the water...that smile is contagious :D

    Becky - Oooohh....biking is so much fun! (I used to do lots of it, but gotten pretty lazy in my 'old age'...I really should pick it up again, especially now that my kids are getting a little older and will start to learn how to ride soon!)

    Tressa - Buckeroomama 'stole' my one liner: that cake rocks! ;D. And WHERE does one find purple icing??!

    Nisa - That pool looks awesome...even when full of leaves! Really cool pic; love the composition :D