Friday, March 19, 2010

3.19.2010 "TODAY"

3/19 TODAY
First bite of cake at my boss's wedding reception.

3.19.10 Today Kaishon got cornrows
Could my baby be any cuter? He grows a hat of hair in the winter and then gets it braided in the spring. My kid is so fun : )

3.19  Today
We went downstairs after dinner to wait for my husband. Everything was covered in a fine mist of fog...

3/19 "Today"
Where we'll walk today.

3.19 Today
We don't eat meat on Fridays during Lent, but luckily, Italians really know their fish.

3.19 "Today"
Munchkin does some painting :D

The hubs went and assistant-coached his first soccer practice today at a local high school...looking like this! Yes, Mustache March is still in full swing, and so are the handle bars on his face! I'm surprised they let him near the children looking like that! ;) ha ha!

3.19 Today
Matthew had two little friends over to play. They took a little break from running around to have a snack and watch a little Spiderman on Cartoon Network.


  1. Rikako - LOL! Did she really just shove that big bite of cake into his mouth? :)

    Becky - I love, love, love the way Kaish looks with his braids!

    Emily - We try to alternate fish with other seafood (we had calamari today), but looking at your pic made me want fish --cooked exactly the way it is in your pic!! :)

    Nisa - Ooh, I love shade trees. I wish there are more of those big trees around where we live. Hope you had a nice walk. :)

    Lola - The kids must get a kick out of having a coach who looks as fun as your husband. :)

    Tezzie - I love the way she holds her brush... and the look of concentration on her face. :)

    Sarah - Adorable pic of little socked feet... We haven't quite "graduated" to the Cartoon Network yet, although that's not too far in the future, I'm sure.

  2. Cake, cuteness,fun what more do you need. Have a wonderful weekend ladies!

  3. BUCKEROOMAMA-She REALLY did. It was fun.
    By the way, Yes, Prez is Japanese product. That flavor is sold only in Hong Kong.

    Lola-Is he really looking like that!? I guess the Kids will love making fun of his Mustache. ha ha ha!

    I enjoy seeing all the photos!!

  4. This post was so great : ) From the GORGEOUS fountain to the delicious looking fish! : )

    Your husband DOES indeed look a little predator-ish : ) Lola! Boys are so funny. And a tiny bit odd! When I was a Senior in college, our boys soccer team made a comittment to wear the SAME UNDERWEAR to every game without washing them. How sick is that? They thought it was the GREATEST thing ever. It still makes me shudder!

    Those little socked feet just melt my heart. I love play dates. You are such a fantabulous mother Sarah!

    I love the water painting! And Nisa's walk looks so pretty and relaxing!

    Now I am hungry for some wedding cake. Great picture. I love love.

    May all of your weekends be filled with love and happiness! God bless! XO

  5. Hi everyone, been MIA due to illness. I look this week's shots as always.

    Lola~hmm your hubster...ok, I would love to be at one of those games.

    Tezzie~Cute times a million, looks so focused.

    Emily~ without halal food at every joint i feel as if everyday is fish day. Looks totally delish.

    Sarah~ very nice view. trying to guess which one is your son.

    Nisa~ wow that reminds me a little of my home in Jamaica. Did I tell you that my mom lived in Bahamas for a while?

    Rikako~ Wow, I wouldn't want to be at the end of that cake. Your boss looks so young...

    Rebecka~ Kaishon is smiling so I assume those cornrows are not too tight. Looking handsome.

    Buckeroomama~ That's absolutely gorgeous. Great shot.