Friday, March 26, 2010


Suki,my favourite outfit
I think this is one of my most favourite outfits ever. I bought this skirt in Scotland, the knitted socks are made from my grannt and the gloves too. If you wonder, it wasn't cold at all to lie in the snow.

3.26.10 My favorite outfit
This is my favorite dress and shoes. I got the dress at Fashion Bug on Summer Clearance 2 years ago for $3.99. How exciting is that? I am SO cheap : )

3.26 My Favorite Outfit

3.26 My favourite outfit
This might not be my all time favourite, but at the moment I love it:-) I'm still working on this dress, the seam is only pinned down.

As some of you may have noticed, I am practically living in this little number these days! It's one of the few remaining items of clothing that perfectly accomodates my growing baby bump. I bought the dress for $6 on clearance at Target! Based on how much I've worn it, that figures out to be about .01 cent per use!

3/26 My Favorite Outfit
My weekend outfit. Rabbit printed T-shirt is my favorite. Pink shoes with heels are new.

3.26 "My favourite outfit"
I feel best when I don't have to give what I'm wearing any thought at of the many reasons I love studying cabinet making ;D I just need to throw on my work pants, and choose a clean t-shirt for the day!

3.26 My favorite outfit
This is a baptism gown that my niece and all three of my children have worn at their baptisms. I love it!


  1. AW BECKY! You beat my super-duper-really-great bargain price! (and that little black dress is classic and fabulous and all sorts of lovely!)

    CORNELIA - I wish I could sew, what a beautiful little number!

    TEZZIE - That IS nice. Great outlook.

    EMILY - So breezy and fun and oh so very "spring"

    RIKAKO - I want every single item you laid out! You need to be my personal stylist!

    SUKI - Everything you share is like art! I could hang this image in my living room, tell everyone that I paid 20,000 for that print, and they would believe me! (Well, except for the fact that I don't have a spare $20,000 to spend on art...that part would give me away...but your AMAZING talent certainly LOOKS like a million bucks!)

  2. I'm loving all of your outfits... I love a comfy pair of jeans any day (or yoga pants)!

  3. Lola - I love the way you think --cost-per-wear! That's exactly how I justify the pricier items I buy. Heh.

  4. All of the outfits are adorable. I also love a good bargain!

    The rabbit print and the shoes...what a cute outfit.

  5. I LOVE all the pictures today! You ladies are certainly very stylish!

  6. Very cool clothes girls : )
    I have always loved that picture of you Suki! Since I first saw it before the treacherous winter started : ). It is one of my faves!

    Lola! Bargains make me happy and that dress is SO cute. Very sweet. And look how cool you are, you wear heels even when you are playing. I am not that cool at all : )

    I always thought people that could sew were so super fab! Awesome dress!

    Love the jeans!

    Love the tshirts!

  7. Lovely clothes! Can one of you please come down south and style me? It seems I lost any sense of style somewhere along the way of having three kids :( I live in jeans and t-shirts, flip-flops in the summer and tennis shoes in the winter.

  8. Lola, you could buy it actually. Wouldn't cost a million bucks though.

    I love Tezzie's jeans.
    And the awesome capture of it.

    This post was so much fun.
    :) Let's me wonder which clothes you wear day, day out.

  9. I love all the stylish pics!

    Suki- your pic is like cover of fashion magazine! So cool!

  10. OH wow! You all have showcased SO many GORGEOUS outfits!