Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3.2.10 "TODAY"

3/2 Today
Anxious News. A tsunami warning was issued for Japan after huge earthquake struck in Chile.

3.2 Today
A bubble bath makes everything better :)

Today 3.2
Today I wore SNOW SHOES for the first time...


Today 3.2
Today I bought new sandals. I am looking forward to the warm weather. I need a pedicure first though.

3.2  Today
The kids got to visit a farm in the city (!) and pulled their own carrots. We came home with two bags full of fresh produce.

3.2 "Today"
Linus fine-tunes his "Couch Potato" trick

3.2 Today
One of the orchestra's that I coach.

Today 3.2.
Back again. Enjoying the view. I think the trash can makes it perfect :)

3.2 Today
My husband is home from Hawaii!

3.2  Today
I'm going to practice my Arabic. Living outside of the Arab world it is starting to get rusty.

3.2.10 Today
My sweet niece Katelyn turns 2! Happy Birthday Katelyn! You are loved.

I made protein pancakes topped with chopped pecans and maple syrup. Then I folded/put away roughly 10 loads of clean laundy (that has been sitting on my bedroom floor since last Monday) and went back to bed for the afternoon! (Hey, at least I did SOMETHING productive first, right?)


  1. I love everyone's pictures!

    Suki-I so am glad that you're back!!

    Happy Birthday to Katelyn!

    Have nice day, everyone!

  2. Rikako - I can read a few of the characters in your newspaper! Funny how Chinese characters and Japanese characters are so similar. :)

    Lola - Yummmmm! Your food pics are gorgeous.

    Emily - Aww... that's such a sweet photo.

    Tresaa - Amazing to see what you're wearing and to see what my daughter's wearing in the photos. This is part of what I love Communal Global!

    Sarah - Was he pretending to be Santa? My son loves to do that. :)

    Salma - Really cool sandals!

    Suki - Glad to see you back here. :)

    Katie - Wow, you speak Arabic?

    Happy birthday to sweet, adorable Katelyn!

    Tezzie - So tough being a dog, eh? :p

    Cornelia - Orchestra practice, hmm. I haven't been in one since I was about 10 years old. :)

  3. The pancakes look delicious!!!

    Oh, the other pictures are wonderful too!

  4. Rikako - that must've been scary!...and what a terrible traffic accident shown in the picture! Interesting photograph, especially since Japanese is such a beautiful written language, it even makes a newspaper full of tradgedies look nice!

    Sarah - hahaha!! We love bubbles here, too...mine make a beard like that, as well, and pretend to be Santa (while laughing hysterically every time at how 'funny' they are :D)

    Tressa - Fun!! Haven't been on a pair of those for about 25 years ;D How'd it go?

    Salma - cool sandals! I hear the weather's been unseasonably warm there...maybe sandal weather is coming up fast?!

    Buckeroomama - That is just too cute for words! What a great place to take your kids...and yum! for fresh carrots :D

    Cornelia - I'll bet they're really good! It would be amazing to get to hear them somehow, some day :D

    Suki - Welcome back :D I love your photography...especially because of things like leaving the trash can IN the picture. It's also a really interesting perspective that plays with the eye; one isn't sure at first whether the fence goes in or out. Terrific!!

    Emily - What an incredible family moment...you must be so happy to have him home again!

    Katie - What an amazingly beautiful photo! And, how true that living away from a language makes you start to lose it; my Swedish was down to being almost non-existent before I moved to Finland and started using it again, after 20 years!

    Becky - Happy Birthday, Katelyn! She is soooo adorable :D Love the lopsided ponytails. What a sweetie!

    Lola - That is just about the yummiest thing I've ever seen! I'm literally salivating right now, and have to go raid the kitchen for something sweet and gooey to eat :D . And, absolutely yes, a well deserved afternoon nap...sounds heavenly!

  5. What beautiful days!
    Suki, you are right,
    the trash can does add to the beauty : ) You are funny!

  6. Yay! Suki's back!

    Yay! Salma is getting started (as of yesterday...that is...) I LOVE those sandals!

    Tezzie, I want your dog! (Yeah, that's what I need, more dogs... ;)

    Rikako, so glad no Tsunami! I agree, the newspaper is beautiful!

    Cornelia, what would I give to have the talent to lead an orchestra?! (answer: a lot...and it still probably wouldn't be enough!) What a great gift to have.

    Katie, Arabic? I wish!

    Happy birthday Katelyn!

    Sarah, oh! Bubbly tub pictures are the best!

    Tressa, looks like so much fun!

    Buckeroomama, what a precious little gardener you have there!

    Loved all of these! (as usual... ;)

  7. Rikako: I thought of you when I heard the news. I'm glad you're okay!

    Sarah: That bubble beard is precious!

    Tressa: Wow, that looks like fun!

    Salma: Gorgeous sandals!

    Buckeroomama: She is one of the sweetest little girls I've ever seen. I LOVE this shot! (And, did you notice how well her necklace coordinates with the carrot? You couldn't have planned it better!)

    Tezzie: Can I switch lives with your dog? Just for an afternoon?

    Cornelia: You're bringing back happy memories from my cello days!

    Suki: I'm glad you're back! Lovely fence. Lovely tree. Lovely trash can!

    Katie: Have fun! You're wise not to let your language skills get too rusty! (Wonderful building, by the way!)

    Rebeckah: There's something about a little girl in pigtails that just melts my heart. Happy birthday to Katelyn!

    Lola: Those pancakes look delicious! And your laundry triumph is an inspiration...laundry day is looming here!

  8. I thought of you, too, Rikako when I heard of the tsunami warnings!

    Tressa -- Was it easy to walk in snowshoes?

    Salma -- I need a pedicure too!!

    Buckeroomama -- that is the most adorable picture. ever. too cute for words!

    Tezzie -- looks JUST like my dog :)

    Cornelia -- you must have incredible patience!

    Suki -- glad you're back :)

    Emily -- Glad he made it home safely!

    Katie -- good luck with that!

    Becky -- lopsided pony tails? love. it.

    Lola -- YUM