Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3.24.2010 "I HAVE A SECRET"

3-24,10 I have a secret..ADDICTION
Mascara..oh & lipstick... any makeup really... Here are 13 tubes of Mascara I pulled from my drawer... oldest tube 4 months.... I know, I am horrible...

My Little Secret 3.24.10
Here is my secret: If my husband doesn't say we can try to have a baby soon, I am going to have to trick him into it. Seriously. I am getting so old(33)! It is time for action!

3.24 I have a secret...
I LOVE brightly coloured nail polish!

3.24 I have a secret. It is...
My life is nothing like the life I planned. Instead, it's messy, loud, and hair-pullingly happy. I wouldn't change a thing.

Dog hair doesn't bother me. Not even lots of it. And it's a good thing - cause we tend to accumulate a lot of it around here! (and it's obviously worth every ounce of extra cleaning you can see...) Also on the list of things that don't bother me are: bare feet, double-dipping (yes, even if it's someone else who is doing the double dipping), people rubbing my pregnant belly (yes, even excited strangers at the grocery store), and anything that comes out of my kid's nose. Yep, doesn't bother me. Growing up with three (fairly disgusting) brothers will do that to a girl! *sigh* I am SO destined to be a crazy cat/dog/bird lady...

3/24 I have a secret. It is...
I love reading the comics!! My hubby who doesn't like the comics thinks I have been renting them. Sorry! I have been buying them.

Suki,share a little secret
I never thought I would enjoy self-portraits that much. I was never too fond of stepping in front of a camera. I'd rather be behind one, but it lets me discouver a whole new me. Does that count as a secret?

3.24 "I have a secret.  It is..."
...I have ADD, something not a lot of people IRL know. I got diagnosed fairly late in life, at age 32, and need to take this daily dose of meds...


  1. Cornelia-Oh,I love your sandals.
    Let's see...Your nail color is OK.

    Emily-That's right. Really beautiful shot.

    Lola-aha ha ha, Everything would bother me.

    Suki-I like your self-portraits so much.

    Tezzie-Thank you for sharing your secret!

  2. Where is my secret? I put it on last night? I don't think Lola likes me anymore! : (

    I LOVE Kate's secret. Hair pullingly happy! So sweet! I love that you like to take pictures of yourself Suki. You are super pretty and you are one model you know you can ALWAYS get a hold of, right? : )

    Comics! So funny!

    ADD? Wow. I didn't know it could stay with you for such a long time.

    3 brothers Lola? No wonder you are such a super star about dog hair! : ) I think all that love is worth it too!

    Brightly colored nail polish is the best : ) Green= Sassy!

    Happy Wednesday friends!

  3. your secrets are safe with me! Have a wonderful day ladies.

  4. OK, well, I couldn't come up with a secret to share until I saw Tezzie's (I have ADD too!), but then I didn't want to copy her so, I was a party pooper and didn't do one :(

    Lola, good to know I'm not the only one bothered by dog hair :) Though our dog doesn't shed a ton, so I might feel differently if she did! That is such a sweet picture!

    Tressa, very cool picture and WOW that's a lot of mascara! Can you tell a difference between any of them? I'm always on the hunt for a good mascara, so let me know if one of those 13 is THE perfect kind :) Waterproof is key for me!

    Becky, how could Gary say no to that sweet baby face??

    Cornelia, you would love my daughter's collection of nail polish :)

    Emily, your girls are adorable!

    Rikako, that's hilarious! Maybe I'll try to get my husband to think I'm renting things next time I come home with a big shopping bag :)

    Suki, you are the Queen of self-portraits. If I were as cute as you, I'd be doing self-portraits too. Maybe one day :)

  5. I felt bad not 'sharing' on this theme, but I really couldn't find a good photo. I would've shared that I am still breastfeeding my almost-3-year old. Any photo I post might be too risque!

    Rikako - You're too funny! Your husband hasn't caught on? :)

    Tressa - Wow! I went through a phase with lipsticks until someone pointed out that they're all practically in the same shade anyway!

    Suki - I LOVE your self-portraits.

    Cornelia - I love your sandals!! And green nail polish? Way cool! :)

    Emily - Your girls are so beautiful! :)

    Tezzie/Sarah - Wow, that's a lot of meds... and every day? I didn't realize that.

    Lola - LOL! Some of the things you listed don't bother me either, but some do (er, double-dipping!). :)

    Becky - I think you are wonderful mommy!

  6. Hmmm...I must've been really tired when I commented on this yesterday; seems like I forgot to click 'publish your comment'! I don't have the energy to repeat everything, I'll just say thanks for sharing your secrets, friends! :D