Friday, March 12, 2010

3.12.2010 "I WISH I WAS HERE TODAY..."

3.12.10 Where I would like to be today
Every Summer we go to Wildwood, New Jersey for our vacation. There is no where I would rather be. My family makes my heart rejoice. I love them!

3/12 I wish I was here today
Okinawa, the southrnmost paradise of Japan and truly subtropical.The sea has an emerald-green sheen. This shot was taken 4 yrs ago. so my boy was little. I wish I could go this year again.

I wish I was here
Is this gorgeous? I don't know where it is, but I want to go there and hide-out from my family, LOL.

I'll keep it simple and "possible" and say The Spanish Oaks Reservoir (which is a mere 7 minutes from my house.) Now, all I need is some SUMMER to go with it! Hmmmm.... that's the tricky part.

3.12  I Wish I Was Here Today...
This was where we had our honeymoon... but right now, just about any beach with powdery white sand and clear blue water will do!

3.12 I wish I was here today...
International Chamber Music Festival held in Stellenbosch every year...with two of my best friends (I'm the one in the middle). Stellenbosch is situated in the south of South Africa, near the cost and is well-known for its extremely bad, rainy weather during winter.

I wish I was here today
I LOVE Paris in the Spring...sigh. I wish I was here today.

3.12 I wish I was here today…
Petra. *sigh* Petra encapsulates my passions in life: history, foreign lands, culture, mystery, and adventure. Going there was a dream I never knew I had until I entered the canyon, and saw the sun dance off of the carved, coloured rock. I ache to go back. Besides . . . I always wanted to be Indiana Jones. ;) (Petra, Jordan)

Two Meeting Street Inn, Charleston, South Carolina I love Charleston, SC! My husband and I stayed here after we got married. I would love to go back and stay one day!

Suki,I wish I was here
.. Scotland. I found a part of me there and I discouvered my calling of being a photographer there. I would love to end up living in a small house like in the picture.

3.12 "I wish I was here today"...
This is Hubby, Boy and Munchkin...we're at Moffa's (my dad's) Cottage out in Eastern Finland. Even though gramma and grampa live in Canada, they have a little cottage here where we spend a week together each summer. It's a time for just being together...we go fishing, swimming, read books, grill hotdogs, eat strawberries, have saunas, and mamma gets to go for long photo walks :D Oh, how I wish we where there right now...*sigh*


  1. Beautiful places I think everyone wants to feel spring and the sun kissing our face. Have a wonderful weekend ladies!

  2. Oh the pictures are fabulous! I'm so glad Laura has such brilliant ideas. Sadly, my life's been too crazy to even take time to wish! Haha! I love all of your wishes though! The lake, Paris would be fun, Scotland! Suki, when I went to Scotland, I just had this overwhelming feeling of being home. I would love to go back someday! I feel the same way about Cedar City, UT. So I guess if I'm wishing to be somewhere, it would be one of those two places.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  3. Lovely places! Salma, if you get to hide out from your family, then I do too :) LOL!

  4. All your places are lovely. I would love to join to go to the beach.
    Or Paris. Since I am not living that far away, I could do a little spree ;)
    Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Oh, fabulous get-aways, everyone! It's wonderful to dream oneself away once in a while, isn't it? :D

    Have a great weekend...I look forward to seeing what you all care to share next week!

  6. SIGH...packing my bags, heading to the beach.... I wish..
    Great photos ladies! : )

  7. Wonderful. We actually have a beach where I am. Sometimes I wish for a day or 2 of snow, a crackling fire in the fireplace :)

  8. Can.Not.Even.Wait.For.The.Beach!

    Paris. So romantic : )

    LOVE the umbrella picture. So sweet.

    And the honeymoon mansion. Gorgeous Sarah. You are such a southern girl!

  9. Salma - pretty sure that's Monument Valley down on the Navajo Reservation. And it really is that awesome.

  10. Tressa - Paris would be perffect... or anywhere in France. I just finished watching Julie & Julia.

    Beach weather, beach weather. I can't wait!

  11. Hola Lola!
    This is Rocío from I am a Mom from Brownsville Texas the Border of Mexico.
    I think this is an awesome idea I found your blog on Rebeckah's blog and I am so glad I did! I am loving what you girls are doing!! I am ur new follower and btw I grabbed ur button...
    Loved all the pictures!!!!
    I will come back to check you all out again..
    One question, do you have space for me to be part of your journey? I would love to share my town and the surroundings cities including the border (Mexico)let me know, Thanks!!!
    Have a Lovely Sunday!