Monday, March 29, 2010

3.29.2010 "TODAY"

We are excited to welcome Rocio to our group this week! We look forward to learning all about her, and seeing more of the world through her eyes! You can click on her name in our header to learn more about her life, her interests, and her family. Don't forget to get your photo entry ready for Communal Global's first picture contest Themed "Today." Get ready to send us a picture of YOUR today! Mr. Linky opens April 1st! (No foolin'). We are thrilled that an amazing photographer and blogger, Miz Boohsay, has agreed to be our very first guest judge!

3.29  Today
I got stuck in traffic on this very narrow bridge for what seemed like an eternity. So I thought I'd have some fun and take a few photos with my trusty old point-and-shoot!

3.29 Today
Getting ready for the Soccer World Cup. It will be held in South Africa in June/July this year.

3.29 Today
My best friend from high school is visiting, so I guess it's time to set out pots of flowers. I only wish my patio actually looked like this one!

3.29 Today
My munchkin and I head head have a blast in a giant ball pit. Having a kid means you get to play and have fun in a way that we adults just don't do anymore. I'm loving rediscovering my sense of play and joy!

Finally going Easter shopping today! (I LOVE soaking in aisle after aisle of candy packaged in lovely spring colors!) This is a jammie-clad Kort on Easter morning in 2006. I can't believe how much he "got it" (you know, egg hunting and candy coma joy?) even when he was just a wee two and half years old!

3.29.10 Today
Today my brother and his wife had a baby. Jacob John. Isn't he sweet. He weighed ten pounds and she did not have a C-Section. Be still my heart.... Can you imagine?

3/29 TODAY
H&M opened its first temporary shop for a week in the mall where I work. Does everybody know this Swedish clothing company? The shop is packed with customers. I can't believe that it took about 4 hours to enter the shop on the opening day. Still now, it takes about 1 or 2 hours to get in. The waiting lines are huge and never ends. Me? No way! I won't wait that long. I am just passing by the store.

Today I stopped and capture this beautiful wild flower on the side of the road.

3.29 Today
I'm recovering from the weekend festivities of Matthew turning 5!

3.29 "Today"
The snow has finally started to melt...for real!!!

American in Norway
Can you tell we are DYING to get out on the water? COME ON SPRING!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Matthew Sarah! I am glad you can recover a little! You planned an amazing party! : )

    How cool is that about the soccer tournament. Will you go to any games?

    Love the boat! I hope Spring hurries to Norway soon Tressa! And to Finland! We have to get those icicles to melt Tezzie!

    4 hours to get in H and M! Wowza. I like to go there in the city sometimes. Such great clothes that are stylish and not too expensive. Very nice! There is really not any clothing store on the planet I would wait 4 hours to get in though!

    Welcome Rocio! Hope you love our world over here!

    We went to an Easter Egg hunt this weekend too Lola! So fun!

    I used to love ball pits Kate! I wish my son was still little. I miss that.

    What a pretty doorway with flowerpots Emily! I always need my friends to come over so I can perk the place up too!

    Happy Monday one and all! Hope you don't get stuck in the traffic today Buckaroomama!

    PS Don't forget to spread the word about our contest : ) I sent a big email to all my blog friends.

  2. PS I think I should get a prize for longest comment on the planet : )

  3. Buckeroomama-oh,I hate traffic jam. It is easy to get stuck here.

    Cornelia-Yeah, Soccer World Cup!!
    Get excited to watch game of Japan.

    Emily- Lovely patio!

    Katie- I agree with you. Kids reminds me of somethings I have forgotten.

    Lola- We don't have Easter in Japan. I am sorry my kids are missing such fun times.

    Becky-Congratulations on birth. He is so sweet. I wanna hold him too!

    Rocio- Welcome! Thank you for sharing your life with us.

    Sarah-Yes, Mommy should take a rest enough.

    Tezzie-That icicle is sharp as knife. It seems to be painful if it stuck.

    Tressa-It looks chilly.
    Nice boat anyway. You do fishing?

  4. Buckeroomama: I love that picture! It makes me feel ready for adventure!

    Cornelia: Fantastic tower!

    Katie: Such joy!

    Lola: I have to go Easter shopping soon, too. My four year old totally "gets it" and she's expecting some major fun on Easter morning. Now, I just have to remember to get organized!

    Becky: Welcome baby Jacob! He's amazing!

    Rikako: The first H&M opened in Sicily a few months ago and it was all anyone would talk about for weeks. Now, we already have two more stores! The clothes are cute, too, but...I still wouldn't wait three hours!

    Rocio: Beautiful flower! Welcome to Communal Global! I can't wait to get to know you...and to see more of Mexico through your eyes!

    Sarah: That cake looks fantastic! Happy birthday, lucky Matthew! My daughter's fifth birthday is next month and she's asking for a dinosaur-princess themed party. What am I going to do?

    Tezzie: That's a gorgeous shot! Now, melt snow...melt!

    Tressa: Is that your boat? Amazing!

  5. Cornelia - Is it World Cup again?! Are you going to get tickets and watch live games? Lucky you. :)

    Rikako - I remember when H&M opened here, it was the same way!

    Emily - I would love to have a patio like that. Correction: I would love to have a patio. Period.

    Tezzie - Amazing shot! :)

    Becky - Wow, so many 'new' babies in your family! I'd be melting from sweetness overdose...

    Sarah - I heave a sigh of relief once the party/ festivities are over, too! :)

    Rocio - Beautiful bokeh!

    Tressa - Even though I don't have sea legs, I love boats (as long as I don't have to be on one)! :)

    Lola - I love those Easter eggs!! I just realized that I left it too late in the day to order from Oriental Trading in time for them to ship to me before Easter! Guess I'll have to make my own again this year! :)

    Katie - Just look at the happiness on your little one's face! So cute! :)

  6. Great photos - and great idea.. Love this blog. Will definitely look out a photo for your competition.

  7. Happy Birthday dear little Matthew. I hope he had an amazing party today.

    Rocio, I love your flower so very much. You captured it so perfectly.

    Welcome to the world, little Jacob John. Rebeckah, he is so very precious.

    Lola, Kort looks so cute holding all those eggs. I wish I could have an egg hunt too.

    Tressa, I love your boat.

    Tezzie, it looks really cold at yours.

    Rikako, I love the clothes of H&M.

    Katie, your baby looks so happy enoying herself in that ball pit.

    Emily, this patio looks enchanting.

    The soccer world cup will be fun to experience, Cornelia.

    Buckeroomama, this point and shoot seriously takes amazing pictures. LOve the hills.

  8. Thanks for the continual posting. It keeps me happy. Good job gals.

  9. Happy Monday, friends, (day late...don't know what's up with my computer and/or internet/blogger!)

    Buckeroomama - I did notice your pic...but yours is WAY better than mine!! :D

    Cornelia - is that tower for real!!? ;D You guys sure love your soccer!

    Emily - gorgeous...just gorgeous (yours or not... ;D)

    Katie - Adorable...pure happiness!

    Lola - cute was HE?! (still is, of course...) I know, catch on to candy and presents REAL QUICK!!

    Becky - oh. my....sweetness! Congrats parents and auntie...and welcome to the world, little Jacob!

    Rikako - yes, living so close to Sweden, we have quite a few H&Ms here. Great store, but it boggles my mind that someone would stand in line for that long just to shop there!!!

    Rocio - Simply beautiful...and welcome!!!

    Sarah - happy birthday, Matthew! Great the bokeh!

    Tressa - What a beaut! Love wooden boats (mostly to photograph, but being out on (very) calm waters is amazing :D)

  10. Thank you Girls for all the warm welcomes!!!
    I am so happy to be part of Communal Global.
    BUCKEROOMAMA:That is a pretty cool shot, loving the mountains there!

    CORNELIA: As a Mexican we Love soccer!!! I can't wait for the World Cup to start! You are so lucky to live there!

    EMILY: What a Beautiful entrance!

    KATIE: aww I love her sweet face!! She is adorable! How can you stand all that cuteness!?!

    LOLA: Ay Lola!! He has amazing eyes!! Adorable to stinky CÜTE!!!!

    BECKY: Aww
    & many Blessing to you all!

    RIKAKO: W☺W! hmm now I wonder what H&M are selling?

    SARAH: Relax!!!!

    TEZZIE: Love the red on your perfect shot!! ♥♥♥

    TRESSA: What a Lovely boat!! Red is my favorite color!!

  11. Welcome ROCIO!!! I am so excited to have you join us and I am loving your pics already.

    BUCKEROOMAMA: You know, if you've gotta be stuck in traffic that seems like a good place to be. I just love the mountains and the water!

    CORNELIA: My husband is soooo jealous! He loves soccer and is trying to get our next assignment lined up so we can be in Brazil in 2014. ;)

    EMILY: Oooh, just lovely! I want a patio like that too.

    LOLA: Sweet little boy and I love the sparkly eggs! They just make me happy. :)

    BECKY: New babies just make the world seem right. 10 lbs? Well, I can almost understand as Emilie was 9.5 lbs delivered naturally. *ouch!*

    RIKAKO: Ha ha, this picture reminds me of Oman. When we were there an H&M opened in a new mall and it was THE event! There were velvet ropes with a red carpet. There was a uniformed security guard at the door and you had to show your invitation just to get in. The event was catered with little waiters/waitresses dressed in black wandering around with silver platters and the press was there. Ha ha ha. Muscat is a wonderful yet funny place. The opening of Dunkin' Donuts two summers ago was BIG news.

    SARAH: Fun, fun, fun! Emilie turns 1 next week so I am birthday planning mode.

    ROCIO: What a perfect shot. I love finding beautiful moments that are often missed when are rushing by.

    TEZZIE: Awww... this makes me miss home! And I just love the red against the snow.

    TRESSA: What a cool boat! That looks like fun!!