Thursday, May 6, 2010

5.6.2010 "TODAY"

Today, I have been dreading my glucose test! You know, the test (screening for gestational diabetes) where they make hungry little pregnant girls fast for 12 hours and THEN make them drink a nasty, super-sugary fluorescent colored beverage, and THEN wait for 45 minutes (just long enough to make them feel totally sick and light-headed and sort of like they want to die) and THEN stick a needle in them and take out a bunch of their blood? You know, that test. Well, it's first thing tomorrow morning. Boo. And it gets worse. The flavor they gave me? Fruit Punch. Ew and double ew. Somebody at the doctor's office has it in for me...I just know it. Wish me luck!

5.6.10 Today
I am celebrating my "First Bloggy Anniversary"***yeey*** There is a Party at my blog(link Today and I am giving away a photoshop elements 8 program!

5.6 "Today"
Proof positive that "April showers DO bring May flowers"...!

5.6 Today
In the park. I enjoyed fresh air.

Tonight we played with the neighbors in the evening light. I am SO lucky because we have the cutest kids in our neighborhood :) They hate the camera but you know me, I relentlessly pursue them until I wear them down :)

5.6 Today
Today I'm organizing pictures from our trip and trying to make an album. For some reason, when I'm snapping thousands of shots I never think about how much WORK it will be to sort through them all later. Wish me luck!

5.6 Today
One of Mr C and my favourite dates...McFlurry's at the local McDonalds!

5.6  Today
This is the part of Stanley Beach from where dragon boat racers, windsurfers, kayak-ers, etc. take off. The group of guys in a circle formation on the right are doing their warm-ups before dragon boat practice. The long boats that you see are the dragon boats. Practice is in high gear now that the Dragon Boat Race is coming up in about a month's time.

5.6 Today
Today I went to the Keukenhof. It's a world famous flower garden in The Netherlands.

I am making the most of the Damson Blossom ~ it's nearly all gone now.


  1. I LOVE Mr. C and the date : ) How fun is that?
    LOVE Rikako's bench. So pretty : )
    Buckaroomama's picture is SO pretty!
    The flowers Sonya are just killing me. Totally love. Yours too Caroline : )

    I am sorry about that test. i hope you can sleep and not think about being hungray Lola! :)

  2. Oh, and PS
    That Eiffel tower is Nothing short of SPECTACULAR! Wowza!

  3. Becky, I love his freckles!!! I really do. :)

    Cornelia - Both my kids and my husband love McFlurries, too! Me, not so much, although I'd have a couple spoons from their cups once in a while.

    Rikako, I love that you have a lake in your park... so lovely.

    Emily - Great angle on the Eiffel Tower shot!

    Good luck with glucose test, Lola. Ugh, I remember having to do that, too. Wow, I didn't know that there are flavors now to these things.

    I love your flower shots, Sonya and Caroline. The tulips are just lovely. They're one of my favorite flowers. I love the editing in your shot, Caroline. :)

  4. OH mcFlurrys..... mmmmmm...they don't make them here anymore in New Zealand. People even did a big protest. Oh the memories!!!
    Great pics on here today lovely ladies!

  5. Hey women around the world ,I love all this beautiful pictures!

    @Lola...whish you a lot luck!

  6. Hey women around the world ,I love all this beautiful pictures!

    @Lola...whish you a lot luck!

  7. Great shots of ToDay! Lola have a McFlurry after your appt....that will totally make up for the yucky taste! pretty..we were too early wow its amazing.

  8. Lovely photos as always girls.
    Emily, I know just what you mean, it took me weeks to sort out all those HK photos.
    Buckeroomama, I do hope my daughter gets a chance to see the Dragon Boat Races.

  9. Tezzie, those flowers are so pretty. I especially love the white ones with the pale blue whatchamacallit running through the white petals. :)

  10. Lola Good Luck sweetie!! and sorry about the horrible taste. My favorite is Orange flavor...I now psycho!=)

    Rikako what a wonderful place to chilax!!!

    Oh Becky that freckle boy is adorable!!!

    Aww Paris<...{add a french accent}
    I was the back in 1997 amazing shot I am so going back soon!!!
    Beautiful shot!

    Oh Yummy Cornelia I can have one of those Oreo McFlurry's every day!!

    Buckeroomama what fun place! What a fantastic shot!!

    Wow Sonya loving your flowers!!!

    Caroline Sonya & Tezzie 'm loving your spring flowers shots!!!

    Girls I want to invite each of you to stop by my blog, I am celebrating my First Bloggy Anniversary and giving away a spanky new photoshop elements 8 software. Hope to see ya'll there! I uploaded my picture real late last night so the invitation is not here =)
    Have a Fantastic Today!!

  11. These pictures are so great! I love the freckles on the boy in Becky's picture!

    And I totally know the feeling on that glucose test! Hope it went well!!