Thursday, May 20, 2010

5.20.2010 "TODAY"

Today we are excited to officially be welcoming our newest contributor: Kat from Australia! At the ripe old age of 16, she is already blessed with great technical skill and a love of photography! (How great is that, honestly?) We are so happy to have her on board. To learn more about Kat, go here to view her bio. We are also sad to be saying farewell to Nisa from the Bahamas. Her major summer travels and increasingly busy schedule have made it too hard for her to continue on with us and she will be missed!

5.20 'Today'
Today, or tonight rather, the school looked like this. I am often fascinated by the sunsets we get here, and tonight was just one of those 'fascinating sunset' nights.

5.20 Today
I told my two oldest kids about a special trip we're taking with some friends once school is out. They are so excited!

Today, I have been editing (and editing and editing) and deleting (and deleting and deleting) over 1200 pictures that I took for my Aunt and Uncle's 60th birthday party last weekend. I am really happy with how many of the shots turned out. I've got the file whittled down to 200 some odd pictures now, which I think will be perfect! Phew! Now, on to the heavier editing. But I had to share one of my favorite candids. This is my cousin's daughter enjoying a juice bag on the lawn. Isn't she just downright edible? So fun!

5.20  Today
On a trip to Lamma Island, a couple of hikers ahead of us were stopping to take a photo and I wasn't sure what they were taking a picture of... until we saw this eensy-weensy friend.

5.20 Today
We went on a traditional Sicilian horse-drawn cart ride. They didn't have a traditional hand-painted cart (those are becoming increasingly rare), but we thought the horse was pretty spectacular!

5.20 Today
I visited Shinto Shrine in Kirishima.

I was noticing that not all things have to be the same to be beautiful ~ diversity is awesome!!

5.20 Today
Today I took some much needed "Me" time and read two new cookbooks.

I strolled through the neck of my woods and took beautiful pictures.

5.20 "Today"
"Pig Piss Season" is in full swing, and the farmers are busy getting their fields ready for planting...

5.20.10 Today
Today I drove around in the country and found a pretty farm. Farms make me think of my Daddy. He is a farmer at heart.

'I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.' ~George Washington


  1. Laura, you should add a "live traffic feed" on this site so you can see all the people that visit, whether or not they leave a comment. It's always fun to see who stops by and when. Love this blog. Love the new comer. How fun. This is great.

  2. Welcome Kat. As usual ladies all your photos are fantastic. Such diversity experienced in one day!

  3. Love, love, LOVE all the pictures for today!

  4. Today is a beautiful day! Love all your today's. Welcome Kat I can't wait to see your pictures. Happy Thursday ladies.

  5. Thank-you for the warm welcome :) All the photos from 'today' are beautiful.

    xxx K

  6. Welome, Kat! I'm so happy that you've joined us. :)

    Becky / Suki - Your pictures are begging for an inspiring quote to be printed on it! They're like picture postcards. :)

    Caroline - That is such an awesome capture. I love the vertical "lines" of yellow, blue, and green. Lovely. :)

    Lola - LOL on "edible," but I absolutely agree! She's darling. :)

    "Pig Piss Season," Tezzie? Now I'm intrigued!

    Emily - That horse is sure decked out. Your girls must have enjoyed the cart ride with such a pretty horse. :)

    Rikako - My son would've taken one look at the steps and said in his most "tired" voice, "I don't think my legs could go any further. Somebody give me a piggyback ride, please."

    Sarah - Oh, the anticipation... I remember that. It's really cute to see how excited they get. :)

    Sonya - I love your pretty bowl! It's so fresh, with the yellow on white... and the rooster design? I love it. Perfect bowl to hold popcorn. :)

  7. Welcome Kate and sorry to see you go Nisa!

    Buckeroomama that is a fantastic shot of the spider! Hong Kong is on my must see list. I want to eat the food there so

    Emily that is one beautifully decorated horse!

    KAt simply wonderful!

    Sarah I hope you have a wonderful time on the trip:)

    Lola I seem to get caught up in the massive amounts of editing and deleting aswell. Your cousins daughter is those jeans!

    Rikako I just love that photo. I hope to visit Japan one day.

    Caroline I just love that shot!

    Suki you take amazing photos

    Tezzie I laughed so hard over the Pig Piss Season..never heard of that before! LOL

    Becky I just love taking a drive in the country. Thats when Im happiest I think.famr life really appeals to me. Love your picture!

  8. Welcome Kat, hope you enjoy contributing to this project as much as I enjoy the amazing photos I see here.

    My favourite today has to be from Buckeroomama, but only because of my recent memories of Lamma Island.

  9. I look forward to seeing photos from Australia...another destination on my bucket list!

  10. Goodbye Nisa! Hope you have a fabulous summer traveling and being young! : )

    Welcome to our 16 year old member from Australia! How fun will this be. Do you talk with an accent? : ) G'day mate!

    Sarah! I have no idea how you keep up with everything. You are a Mom extraordinaire! And girls, did you happen to see that OUR VERY OWN sweet SARAH sunshine was featured on the Pioneer Woman's blog? I haven't been over to see it yet, but I am bursting with pride. I actually called my husband at work. He was not that impressed... boys... Craziness! WAY TO GO SARAH! You are a total super star and we are BLESSED to have you on this panel! XO

    Oh my word lola! That little girl is just delightful! So sorry you have to edit a ton today.. Me too! I shot a wedding and just looking at the 2600 pictures makes me feel ill! Good luck!

    Buckaroomama! Another image that is just outstanding. What a delight. I mean, except for the whole 'I am afraid of spiders thing' that is PERFECT!

    Love that colorful horse Emily! so fun! What a great activity! You do the best things with your family!

    Love the shrine. Pretty steps. Steps make such great places to shoot don't they? I also love the lady coming down the steps in the bottom right hand corner. Umbrellas make me so happy!

    Caroline. Gorgeous as always : )

    Sonya and her perfect snack and baking books : ) You just gotta love a girl that knows what she enjoys : )

    So pretty Suki!

    Oh my about the pig peeing season. I am going to ask my Daddy if we call it that here. He knows all about farming.

    As always, it was a pleasure to see your todays!

    Don't forget to go over to Sarah's and CONGRATULATE her picture at Pioneer Woman's! That is a HUGE deal. She is a super star. Mwah. Mwah. Muah!

  11. Happy 'Today', my friends...and welcome Kat!!!

    Kat - I love sunsets, too...what grade are you in, at 16 in Oz?

    Sarah - I'll bet they're excited...they'll be asking you about it every day; it is time yet?? How many more days, NOW? (3 minutes later) LOL And, congrats!!!

    Lola - too cute for words :D Must feel great to get your pics organized!

    Buckeroomama - Hmmm...spiders don't usually bother me...but I'd have to say that THAT one would most certainly make me run the other way!

    Emily - Oh, wow! That is so beautiful! it must take a long time to train the horse to go along with having all that gear on :D

    Rikako - What a gorgeous spot...your pics make me want to visit Japan!

    Caroline - that is a really beautiful image...I love it's simplicity!

    Sonya - popcorn and reading...a lovely combination :D

    Suki - gorgeous...but it leaves me a little sad feeling :(

    Becky - Oh, I love this shot...the perfect dandelion pic, with just enough of the barn showing in the bokeh to see what it is. Great job!

    As for "Pig Piss Season"'s just what I call spring here. As soon as the frost leaves the ground and it's time to start tilling, the farmers fertilize their fields with cow manure and pig pee. The pig pee is INCREDIBLY nasty smelling (the cow poop smells like roses, comparatively), and they transport it to their fields in big tanks pulled behind their tractors. And, it takes A LOT of refills to do a field, so you're forever getting caught behind one when you're out driving...not to mention the stench hanging in the air for weeks :P

  12. Welcome Kat!
    I am just so very bad at commenting here lately. So sorry, ladies!!!
    You took all beautiful pictures today.
    So proud to be part of this project.

    Sarah - way to go to be featured at Pioneer Woman's blog! Wow, you rock!

    Happy Thursday everyone.

  13. As always, all the pictures are just beautiful.

    But can I just say, next time a picture of a spider is on here, PLEASE WARN A GIRL! Don't get me wrong - it was a beautiful picture, but I jumped back from my screen and fell out of my chair and on my bum. :) Not a spider fan. :) Pretty (very scary in a creepy crawly way) picture. :)

  14. Another great bunch of photos and I love Kat's work so will be exciting to see more of her photos here!

  15. Welcome Kat!!
    I can't wait to see more of your beautiful shots here!

    Chicas, beautiful today!!

  16. In answer to questions -- I do speak with an accent :) And i am in grade 11 at school....

    Oh and ps. Becky, i LOVE your shot!