Friday, May 21, 2010

5.21.2010 "MY GOAL THIS YEAR"

My Goal
My Goal this year is to ride my bike every morning...ε(●̮̮̃•̃)з

5.21  My goal this year
I hope to get back to doing more hikes this year. There are many nice hiking trails in Hong Kong, but I need to be more fit to take on many of these.

5.21 "My goal this year..."
My main goal this year is to improve my photography way that I've decided to do this is by participating here at Communal Global (yay!), and also in a 365 challenge where I post a picture every day, each with a different a little extra challenge, I'm trying my best to produce original photographs for each of 'my' sites. If you'd like to check out my 365 project, please go to

family,walking,trees to spend more time taking time!

5.21 My goal this year
My goal this year is keep taking photos for communal global!!

5.21 My Goal
Is to save up for a new lens. A f/1.8 55mm lens. Of course however, this requires actually SAVING, not spending. Unfortunately my brain does not recognize this and i think it will be a few pay-days before i can get it...

5.21.10 My goal this year
My goal this year is to get one picture in a magazine. Any magazine at all. Of course, if I got my picture in Life magazine I would die of let's hope that does not happen!


  1. Great goals...I want some of the same, get more fit, learn more about my camera and take better shots....enjoy the small things in life. Great luck ladies with all your goals.

  2. GReaT GoALs Ladies...ε(●̮̮̃•̃)з

    Buckeroomama that is an amazing shot!!!
    Have a Lovely Friday Chicas!

  3. Rocio - Thanks, chica!
    I love how sleek and vivid yours is! :)

    May we all achieve our goals this year --improving our photography skills, getting a photo published in LIFE, getting new lenses, being more fit, taking more time for the little things...

    Have a wonderful weekend, every one!

  4. Ladies I hope each and everyone one of you reaches your goal! Beautiful photos!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. That bicycle shot is bedazzling Rocio : ). Perfect!

    Love your goal of a new lens Kat. So fun. Good luck!

    Buckaroomama those mountains look very pretty. If I know you at all, I know that soon you will be climbing the hills and chasing after your little ones : )

    Impressive that you take different pictures for your 365 blog and this one as well. Very nice.

    Rikako LOVE your picture today. So pretty.

    Your picture is awesome Caroline! Very nice! What a great goal. Thank you for reminding me.

    Happy weekend everyone. Special shout outs to Frau and Sonya who are such dedicated comment leavers! Thank you for taking time to leave us all a comment every day. Very sweet of you! XO

  6. great goals and photos.
    Snap Kat - I would love that lens and I am heading overseas soon so may try and get in through duty free!