Tuesday, May 18, 2010


5.19  My favorite color
One of my favorite colors, especially in photographs. It's so vibrant. I love little accents in red, but you will hardly ever see me wearing red.

....is actually purple ~ it's classy and rich! ~ but there's not much to capture that colour just yet, so pink runs a 'pretty' close second!

5.19 My favorite colour

My favorite color to wear is GREEN (hands down) but my favorite color to see, decorate with, and paint on EVERYTHING these days is robin's egg blue. These are a bunch of old frames I spruced up with a can of blue spray paint. I loved the end result!

5.19.10 My Favorite Color is green!
Although I love all the colors of the rainbow, green is my most favorite!

5.19 My favorite color
My favorite color is PINK. I used to like blue. After the girl was born, pink became my favorite.

My Favorite Color!
My favorite color is Pink of course but I love all bright summer colors purple, orange, yellow, green, etc! About 3 wks ago I got this colorful bras for just one dollar each...I was so lucky!

5.19 My favorite color
The color of my children's eyes. This is my youngest, but all three of them have gorgeous, blue eyes.

5.19 Favorite Color
This week my favorite color is orange!!

My favourite colour  5.19.
Is blue. I just love my blue headphones.

5.19 "My favourite colour"
Uh huh...a flower shot...but you honestly can't expect me to NOT post a flower under this theme, can you?! ;D My absolute fave colour has gotta be green...especially this time of year, with the very first leaves appearing on the trees, and my garden coming to life. I also loooove purple...and I happen to think combining the 2 is perfection :D


  1. Love all the pictures of fav colors...mine is always hands down Green but lately it's lilac to wear and blue to decorate. Seems like my color choice changes with the seasons.Happy Wednesday!

  2. These colours are all beautiful (and the shots awesome)! Blue ~ the colour of the sky (and robin's eggs!), green the colour of summer!, orange so vibrant and vivid, pink so girly and pretty (and like you Rikako I fell in love with it after having my first girl!), but I have to concord with Tezzie, deep purple and rich green are the PERFECT harmony ~ and I am SO envious of your picture!! :)

  3. Wow beautiful photos ladies!! I love the color choices and the photos to go along with them!

  4. Tezzie - Shades of purple (more lilac) and green were the colors of my wedding. I love the combination!

    I love everything about your photo --the softness, the colors, the composition... EVERYTHING. :)

    Becky - Lovely capture of the rainbow! J's favorite color = rainbow. :)

    Lola - Robin's egg blue is so pretty! :)

    Suki! Great to see you here again. :)

    I'm loving all the "colors" today... great shots!

  5. Buckaroomama's red drum is too fantastic for words. Love. Love. LOVE!

    Sarah's baby's eyes are perfection. Oh my goodness!

    Love that you painted the picture frames. How great is that going to look Lola? You are so creative. LOVE that!

    LOVE that you got all those HOT HOT HOT bras for just a buck Roccio! How great was that deal. You definitely seem like a colorful bra wearing girl!

    Hope everyone has a happy day filled with lots of color!

  6. I love the red drum. It's huge.

    And, I just acquired a frame which needs a little TLC. Those frames are definitely an inspiration!

    And, a $1 bra! Wow!

  7. Okay Ladies, I must say this is one of my favorite themes yet!!!

    And yeah, the red drum picture?

  8. Yeah...this was a fun theme!

    Buckeroomama - Wow...that pic is awesome!...especially the concentration on his face, peeking out from behind that huge drum. The colour red is another one of my favourites...and, fun that purple and green where your wedding colours! :D (also...thanks for the 'gushing' about my pic LOL)

    Caroline - That is sooo pretty! O love the composition, and how some flowers are all the way opened, and the hot pink ones are just little buds.

    Emily - Fellow 'greenie' ;D What kind of tree is that?! Really neat...

    Lola - very crafty...and gorgeous colour! I love turquoise in home decor, especially in combination with browns and whites :D

    Becky - Yay...more green! ;D Also, really cool looking trees in what seems to be a gorgeous, serene green space.

    Rikako - Fun shot! To be honest, I used to HATE pink...but since my daughter was born, it's actually started to grow on me...and I'm even wearing a pink top at this moment, something which wouldn't have happened 4 years ago! :D

    Rocio - Love this shot...I remember it from a while ago. Pretty bras...especially that purple one!

    Sarah - What a great answer...and how true...Those eyes are GORGEOUS!

    Sonya - Wow...incredible!!! I love those orange tulips, especially in contrast with all the blues and purples in the background.

    Suki - I'm so happy to see you back here again. Hope you're doing ok :) . And, amazing picture...I'm forever amazed by your ability to turn an ordinary object into a piece of art!