Monday, May 17, 2010

5.18.2010 Tuesdays, around the World! - "TODAY I LEARNED..."

We're hosting our weekly "Tuesdays Around the World" blog-link party, and today we want to know - What did you learn today? Write and post about it on YOUR blog, then link up here (at the bottom of this post) and share your new-found wisdom with us! Be sure and link back to communal global in your post, and tell your friends to join in!

Today I learned 5.18.
That sitting on a sofa in the city attracts people.

'Today I have learned...'
That apparently my camera is now classified as a 'distraction' to my seven year old brother, Alex. So, with this in mind, i have to now sneak my photos. The day i have feared has siblings are beginning to not love my camera lens as much as they used to....

5.18 Today I learned...
I am always learning from my kids. Especially, “Endurance” is what I learn from them most.

5.18 "Today I learned..."
Oh, I know...I'm all about puppies and flowers these days!!! But, today I learned that this little favourite out of all seven of the only one to not have found a home to go to :( . That SERIOUSLY puts me in a dilemma...

Today I Learned...
Today I learned many facts about butterflies, moths, and caterpillars...♥ example: Some moths never eat anything as adults because they don't have mouths. They must live on the energy they stored as caterpillars.

5.18 Today I learned
Today I learned that when I made homemade pretzels for the first time, my kids looked at me as if I were Superwoman :)

sky,bird appreciate the more simple things in life :)

Today I learned...that my little dude totally picks his nose in bed. I also learned that he may or may not be developing my (horrible) tendency to get CA-razy bloody noses. But who knows? Maybe (and hopefully) a "cease-fire" on all that nose picking is the only remedy needed! ha ha!

5.18.10 Today I learned that I don't get basketball
Basketball confuses me! I am glad the kids have such a great time playing it though. Children make everything so exciting.
‘Fans never fall asleep at our games,
because they're afraid they might get hit by a pass.’
~George Raveling

5.18 Today I learned
That to have a fun, successful playdate, it is sometimes necessary for the pesky little brother to be out of the picture :) He went to a friend's house to play and Kathryn enjoyed a nice afternoon with her friend, without any annoying stunts from her little brother!


Today I learned that my little girl loves music that she can dance to... and this is one of her current favorites.

Now it's YOUR turn! What did you learn today?


  1. Today's theme is great! Looks like we are all still learning!

    Thanks for having us and best wishes for a great week,
    Natasha, Stacey and Holly.

  2. Great idea for everyones lessons..never too old to learn.

  3. Suki made me laugh!

    So weird about the moths!

    Eeew about the nose!!

    Such a sweet puppy ~ hope he finds a home.

    All great shots!!

  4. Aaww I would LOVE to have that puppy!

    I love what everyone has are so inspiring!

  5. This is a fun theme. I can't wait for next week's!

  6. Oh my goodness the puppy! SO sweet. I can't even take that deliciousness!

    Love your kids Rikako. They are so precious. It is true, we learn so much from them.

    Sweet little hands Sarah. LOVE that picture to pieces.

    Couch on a sidewalk :) SO fun Suki! I haven't seen you in here in a while. We are always glad when you participate!

    Very wise Caroline. Pretty picture. I love the sky.

    Love his pillow case Lola. He is so cute.

    Sonya's pretzels look SO delicious. Yum! You are such a great baker!

    Fascinating about the moths Roccio. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Tuesday girls!

  7. LOLA! You know he is going to kill you in a few years for posting that, right?? :) Hilarious, though!!

    Tezzie, that puppy is so adorable!!

    Caroline, I think we all need to "re-learn" that every now and then :) Thanks for the reminder!

    Rocio, if only I lost my mouth when I became an adult I would fit in to my clothes much easier ;)

    Suki, so glad you are back with us. We always miss you when you are away!!

    Becky, I love how active your boy is!

    Yummy pretzels!!

    Rikako, I'm with you! My kids teach me patience and endurance :)

  8. YAY! SUKI IS BACK!!!!

    Sarah - I know - he really is going to kill me! Love your shot today! Pesky little brothers are awesome, but I'm sure it's nice for sisters to get a break.

    KAT - Welcome!! What a gorgeous photo! I can't believe how skilled you are at age 16! I only wish...

    RIKAKO - haha! I hear ya there!


    ROCIO- MAn, I do NOT want to be a moth! What a bummer!

    SONYA - This is EXACTLY why I'm so glad I'm not a moth! ha ha! I want to eat at least 5 of those right this minute! I officially think you're superwoman too!

    Caroline - glorious shot - wow.

    Becky - I HATE basketball! Blech! But I"m glad the boys enjoy themselves as well!

    B-mama - What a funny video! Nice beat. Nothing better than a little one getting their boogie on!

  9. I am delighted that I could be in this again this week. Thank you for your beautiful images!

    Greetings from Germany
    Liebe Grüße, Petra