Sunday, May 16, 2010

5.17.2010 "TODAY"

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5.17  Today
I took out the dresses that I couldn't resist buying for Zoë when she was much younger, even though the dresses were WAY too big for her then... She fits into most of them now and loves wearing dresses and twirling around, running, just to get the feel of the skirt rising up or billowing around her short little legs.

5.17 Today
My little Katherine cut off all her hair. To me, she looks so grown-up and different it makes me want to gasp!

5.17.10 Today
Today I played with my niece. She is almost 3 months old. She is just adorable as can be!
'Every baby needs a lap.' Henry Robin

Today I am running up to IKEA to buy my little guy a new bedspread, meeting old friends for lunch in the park, doing a "tutu photo-shoot" at 1:00 p.m., and then getting into bed! I'm also going to smile and laugh to myself when I fondly remember eating "Hornish Lame-hens" at our good friends' house yesterday evening.

Today 17/5
(Well yesterday) ~ I actually managed to get a 'reasonable' shot of ALL of my froglets!

5.17 TODAY
He experienced his first fishing. He caught the rainbow trout.

5.17 Today
Today he is driving me crazy and I love it!!!

5.17 Today
My thoughtful boy ripped, I mean "picked", some carnations out of my flower pot for me. He knocked on the back door and said, "Ta-da! Mommy! Look what I got for you!"

5.17 Today
Today I made a wish in a Wishing Well. I hope it comes true.

5.17 "Today"
The kids are outside, enjoying the spring weather :D


  1. Buckeroomama - That photo is ART! Ah! So beautiful, I can't even handle it! Took my breath away...

    Emily - OH! She does look more grown up. I hope you have at least 6 girls... your girls are so darn pretty. I think an arranged marriage (with my little guy) is in order ;)

    Becky - The THIGHS! Oh, those delicious little baby thighs!

    Rikako - Yay for boys and fishing! Kort is DYING to get out on his first fishing trip of the year.

    Sarah - I feel ya! Gotta love those little boys and their loving gestures.

    Sonya! - What a pretty picture! It reminds me of a post card!

    Tezzie - My little guy would love a horse like that!

  2. I love all the beautiful photos!

    Lola, Ikea in Utah!? I envy you!

  3. Buckeroomama: What a beautiful picture! They grow so fast!

    Emily she looks Adorable!!

    aww Becky you are so lucky to have a 3 month old baby.. I want to eat those chunky so Adorable!

    Lola: Yummy shot!

    Rikako: How FUN!!

    Sarah: oh Boy! Love that smile!

    Sonya: Beautiful! I bet it will!

    Tezzie: That is the coolest horse ever!! how FUN!!

  4. Tezzie - What a fun horse for a little boy! (And yay, for the Canada shirt!)

    Sonya, may your wishes come true!

    Rikoko - Great catch! My boy was just telling us yesterday that he wants to go fishing. BTW, come to HK... we have several IKEAs here. :)

    Rocio - He looks so cute lying there with his pacifier on! :)

    Sarah - The sweetness of his gesture MORE than makes up for his plucking out the carnations from your flower pot. :)

    Lola - For some reason, I can totally picture this photo on the pages of a glossy lifestyle magazine! :)

    Emily - She's still pretty as ever, even though she does look more grown-up with her new do. :)

    Becky - Oh, the thighs on Baby Brooke! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those rolls! :)

  5. Looks like a wonderful Sunday all around the world! Love all the pictures. Have a wonderful Monday!

  6. Gorgeous shots everyone today!

    Tezzie ~ looks like lots of fun is being had!

    Becky ~ I've been spying on your blog! Great shots of your neice!!

    Emily ~ your daughter is beautiful

    Bukeroomama ~ I love floaty dresses (and so does my youngest girl at least!)

    Sarah ~ what a sweetie!! (and awesome shoe)

    Rocio ~ I remember those moments, so lovely to have one captured (and he looks really cute!)

    Rikako ~ Yeah, what a lovely moment to have on 'film' ~ he'll remember that moment!! :D

    Sonya ~ such a lovely colourful picture.

  7. I forgot Lola ~ love your shot too! and I think I would like to live your today :D Ikea ~ yipee!!

  8. I could happily spend my todays with you guys..the pictures look so inviting:)

  9. Caroline -- what a lot of little froglets you have!

    B-mama -- beautiful shot! And i love the coloring of it...

    Lovely todays everyone ;)

  10. I love your son's Canada shirt Tezzie. Cute.

    LOVE the flower bouquet Sarah! Matthew is the sweetest.

    Zoe's twirly dress is so pretty. She is a doll.

    I once knew a lady with 7 kids named Caroline just like you Caroline. We called her Aunt Caroline. She was the camp directors wife. Very nice lady : )

    I love your son Rocio. He is SO cute. What a doll! I love his dark hair and his chubby little legs. Pure deliciousness.

    Hope you had fun at Ikea Lola. Are you getting things for the nursery?

    I love when little kids go fishing Rikako! So exciting! : )

    Your daughter is lovely Kate. What a sweetheart.

    See you all tomorrow!

  11. Buckeroomama - That is an INCREDIBLE shot...the composition is perfection, love the desaturation...and little Zoë in her pretty dress is the cutest thing ever!

    Emily - sweet :D The haircut suits her! (and that is a really pretty dress/top she's wearing)

    Becky - just wanna squeeeeze! Adorable :D

    Lola - What a great shot! I love all the lines all going in a different direction, and how the whole pic is basically all in the same colour scheme. Then, of course, the fun story it tells...can't help but to wonder if 'Snoopy' ends up 'scoring' ;D (and...yay, IKEA!!!...making a trip there in a couple of weeks, myself :D)

    Caroline - What a great bunch! Very cute kids...and they all look to have very distinct personalities :D

    Rikako - Oh, how sweet! Great catch, especially for a first one...he looks so proud!

    Rocio - Love the attitude...the brows say it all ;D. Great shot, with interesting perspective!

    Sarah - just can't be angry at such a 'sweet' gesture ;D He looks so excited to be giving you those pretty flowers!

    Sonya - Wishes DO come least once in a while ;D Hope you get yours!