Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5.25.2010 Tuesdays Around The World! "My Cozy Corner"

This is going to be the last "themed" Tuesdays Around the World for a little while. We feel like it may be too much work to try to photograph and blog about a specific theme, and we SO enjoy seeing your unique "Todays." So, the theme for EVERY Tuesday Around the World this June is going to be: (You guessed it.)


But as for today's final theme, we're talking about cozy corners. Even if your post isn't necessarily ABOUT a cozy corner, go ahead and link up anyway so we can see what's going on in YOUR little slice of the world today! We love visiting!

5.25.10 My Cozy Corner
My Cozy Corner is right there on the side of the playground. I sit there at the end of the day while Kaishon and Shoshi jump and play and I look thru my magazines to be inspired. It's a blessed life for sure!
'The windows of my soul I throw
Wide open to the sun.'
~John Greenleaf Whittier

Suki,My cozy corner
Would definitely either the tub or my bed. I went for the tub today :) So relaxing and cozy.

5.25 "My Cozy Corner"
This is where all of the photo editing and blogging magic happens, usually with my cat Molson warming my neck :D

Cozy Corner -May 25

5.25  My Cozy Corner
We don’t exactly have a cozy corner per se in the house, but with the husband pillow, my cozy corner could be anywhere I choose to plop down my "husband –by the window seat, on "the bed, on the floor...

The big red chair! It's EVERYONE's cozy corner at our house. We read here with Kort in the mornings, and Kort has a lot of cuddles there with his dogs after school.I love it because our entire family (yes, dogs included) can sit (and fit) on there all at the same time with a reasonable level of comfort.

5.25 My cozy corner
Sofa in the living room. To watch TV and read the book by lying in this sofa can be relaxing.

What does YOUR cozy Corner look like? Link up and show us!


  1. Great pictures today. Can't wait to check out all the links.

    Great idea making the theme a general "today" too. Thanks! That will make things easy for us too, especially since we love joining in each week.

    Best wishes,
    the 3 sisters.

  2. Lovely corners!!!
    Have a great Tuesday Chicas!!!

  3. Love everyones corners....love sitting in my red chair looking out into my garden..it's where I spend most my days...online!

  4. Ooh! All look very cozy! I'm ready to go curl up in a corner now! :D

  5. Okay. You really shouldn't have mentioned that it needn't be an exact cozy corner to be eligible....because mine's really a far stretch :)

    But, it's a story about what happens in the CRAZY corners of my mind, so that counts, right?!

    Either way, I'm glad your themes will be more basic after this -- for us outsiders, anyway. I do love it when your CG group does a specific theme, though.

    Thanks for hosting! I really enjoy Tuesdays!

  6. I enjoyed all of your wonderful pictures. Thank you very much! I love your cozy corners!

    Greeting from Germany
    Liebe Grüße, Petra