Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5.13.2010 "TODAY"

5.13 "Today"
Ok...I know, I know...yet another flower pic! But this is truly what I'm doing's a national holiday, the weather is fabulous, and I'm at home with the today, I'm knee deep in dirt, getting my garden ready for the summer!

5.13 Today
Went to get a pedicure with my girly-girl. Well, I got the pedicure, she got to have her nails painted. These were the two colors she was deciding between!

5.13 Today
We got piano's for the new music feels like Christmas!

5.13 Today
Driving through the green tunnel, we headed to my parents' house in Miyazaki. It took about 3 hours by car from Fukuoka. I am going to upload some shots from there.

5.13.10 Today
Today it is freezing! 38 degrees. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Last Wednesday it was 93. Isn't that crazy? I love Spring though. The cold. The hot. All of it. Perfection. What is the temperature where you live today?

Today it rained ALL DAY for the third day straight! On the bright side, our grass is officially a neon shade of green and I had a blast photographing my little guy out and about with a much-too-large umbrella. I find it easier to enjoy rainy days when I have a good book to curl up with, and man did I get hold of a good book on Monday! (Julia Child's "My Life in France.") It's a cruel trick of fate that I wasn't born a French girl living in a modest flat in Paris... I swear there was a mix up somewhere along the way. Ah...well, at least I get the love of my life and 2 yummy little boys in the Utah mountains. They more than make up for it in the end ;)

5.13 Today
Today my older daughter has a two hour (!!!) ballet class, so I get to spend a little special time with my baby.

13/5 Today
I took shot of the last of the blossom on the pear tree ~ by the end of the week it will be gone :(

5.13  Today
Josh wanted to practice his soccer moves.


  1. So many beautiful flowers, and so much greenery, today! I love the way the whole world seems to be in bloom!

    Sarah: I can't wait until my girls and I can go to the salon together! Which color did she choose?

    Lola: My mom just sent me a copy of My Life in France, so I'm glad to hear it's good! I love that oversized umbrella picture, too!

    Oh, and Buckeroomama: Is he excited about the World Cup? Last night, I found out my brother is one of the people covering the World Cup for Yahoo Sports!

  2. Spring is confusing itself many does of warmth followed by cold....same all over the world. Can't decide to put away winter clothes or not! Love the pretty pictures!

  3. What a wonderful Today!

    Sarah - both very fun colours to be choosing between! (personally if I was a little girl, I'd choose both...alternating every other nail ;D)

    Rikako - What an awesome shot! I almost get a little dizzy looking at it, since you've captured the movement of the car so well :D Gorgeous green 'tunnel'!

    Becky - Oooooh...stunning! What kind of tree is that? I looks a bit like Magnolia, but somehow not. Really gorgeous :D And, it seems it's finally MY turn to have the nice weather! Today, we have 20 degrees Celcius (68 F) the shade! This may not sound like a heatwave, but for us it sure is!

    Lola - Yuh...rain can be good, too...especially with a cute little boy and a large umbrella! And, I can soooo see you as a chic Paris girl, in a past life LOL

    Emily - Awwww...hope you and your little sweetie have a lovely day.

    Caroline - :( They're so beautiful, I can see how they'll be missed! You'll have to take some awesome shots of the growing pears, instead!

    Buckeroomama - how cute your 'little man' is...he looks so grown up, practicing his moves! :D Beautiful pic, the composition and editing!

  4. Fabulously pretty days!
    I thought you were a french girl, Lola!
    I know you are a fantastic mommy to your princess sarah! LOVE that picture.

    Emily's baby is delicious : ) and so is your little soccer player Buck : )