Sunday, December 26, 2010

See you in the New Year!

We want to send a sincere thank you out to all of you who have taken this daily journey around the world with us during our first year! What a blessing it has been to get a peek into your individual lives in our Tuesdays around the World posts.

We are going to take a little holiday break and resume posting
Um, sometime very soon! in January!

We hope you will rejoin us then.

But for now, we want to send a HUGE congratulations out to our UK contributor, Caroline.
She welcomed healthy little boy into the world on December 21st.

{Solomon Zephaniah ~ 9lb 8.5oz (4.32kg), Born 21.12.10 @ 04.13 I thought you'd all like to meet him :D}
{Peaceful by name and by nature (so far!) :D}

Congrats Caroline, we are all so happy for you!

Happy Holidays!
{See you on the 3rd.}

The CG girls


  1. Congrats Caroline! He is beautiful! Happy New Year ladies!

  2. What a beautiful baby boy!!! Congratulations! He's perfec!

  3. Congratulations, Caroline! So precious. :)

  4. Congrats Caroline. What a beautiful gift.