Monday, May 24, 2010

5.24.2010 "TODAY"

5.24 Today
I took some pictures of my little model :)

5.24 Today
Today I got up-close and personal with some geese

Today May 24
Today it felt as if Summer has finally arrived to Norway.... Holiday here... kids out playing... HEAVEN

5.24 "Today"
My feet (as well as my smiley muscles) are still sore from the 'meet and greet' all day yesterday, during the exhibition showing some of the work we've done this past year...that would be my chair in the middle, btw..

Today my oldest son is getting school awards. We are so proud of him...♥♥♥

5.24 TODAY
Splendid daikon radish that my father grew.
How shall I cook? Maybe salad and stewed dishes.

5.24  Today
I practiced face-painting on Zoë and Josh, because I'm helping out a friend at her daughter's birthday party.

5.24 Today
This picture provides my excuse for being so quiet lately. It is exam time! I hope to post more frequently soon...just need to survive this first! ;-)

5.24 Today
We're counting the days until the pool opens this summer!

5.24 Today
I re-edited an old image. And fell in love with it. All. Over. Again.

Today I'm still smiling about Kortland asking to read "the funnies" together on the big red chair. And I'm still smiling about his boxer-shorts/black church socks/new running shoes ensemble. And I'm still smiling when I think of the ever-loyal Miss Bella, who is always longing to be close to her boy. And I'm still smiling every time this crazy baby kicks, and wiggles, and rolls around in my belly, and I get the welcomed reminder that he is healthy and well. Just a lot of smiling today...I guess. Lots and lots of smiling.

5.24.10 Today
Today Kaish and I babysat my 2 year old nephew Levi. He is the cutest thing. So much energy... some days I forget how much energy little people have. Wowza!


  1. Tressa - That is such a GORGEOUS photo of the girls!

    Tezzie - If and when we replace our furniture, can I commission you to make the new ones? I love that you incorporated different colored wood... :)

    Rocio - Congrats! Woo-hoo!

    Rikako - Those are just the loveliest radishes that I've ever seen! So smooth... almost a shame to eat them.

    Cornelia - Good luck with all your exams!

    I love this water shot, Emily! Splendid!

    Kat - I've said this before: He is going to break plenty of hearts, this one. :)

    Lola- Tee-hee, he looks like a little grown-up sitting there reading the papers. :) So glad to know that your day is filled with things to smile about!

    Becky - How fun is that picture?! He's quite the little comic, isn't he? :)

  2. Tressa - I love the beautiful vibrant colours!!

    Tezzie - Lovely :) Rest those aching muscles though..

    Rocio - Congrats to your oldest son !!

    Rikako - Wow! I don't think i have ever seen those before! Nice :)

    Buckeroomama - I face painted for my sisters birthday a couple of years back. I didn't do to well, you, however can do it so well! Nice work!!!

    Cornelia - Ohh no :( Exam will be that time for me too in just a couple of weeks.

    Emily - Oh i wish it was going to be summer here again...I love her little cute face and her beautiful dress.

    Lola - Lovely shot. And great to know you have much to smile about.

    Becky - What a cutie. Two year olds DO have so much's crazy! But i love them..

  3. Lola you forgot my poor goose! lol

    Im so amazed by all of you ladies..your photos are so amazing! Love them all:)

  4. Love the photos and this week, BUCKEROOMAMA's photo caught my eye. Just beautiful!

  5. Tressa! Wow. Those girls are gorgeous. Love their big blue eyes.

    Tezzie, what a gorgeous chair. You are truly talented. Nice!

    Roccio's son is a cutie! Way to go getting some school awards. GREAT job!

    Rikako! Your dad is a very talented gardner. They look fantastic. HUGE! I am sure they will be delicious.

    Buckaroomama you did such a fabulous job on Zoe. That looks perfect. The kids are going to be so excited. And you are going to get some great pictures. YAY! I can't wait!

    Oh my...exams. I remember those days. And I am delighted to be all done with them! : ) Good luck!

    Emily, I could look at pictures of your sweet little girls all day. Gorgeous.

    Kat : ) is that your special friend? He is a cutie!

    Kort is just as cute as can be with the newspaper and his black dress socks. Nice. I love little boys.

    Have a happy Monday and a happy week Communal Global girls!

  6. Happy Monday ladies...we have had rain, hail and now sun....crazy Monday!

  7. I have an urgent prayer request at arise 2 write.

  8. Happy Monday ladies, sorry for not uploading my picture. I had free day and did not think of today being a monday ;)
    Summer arrived here finally too.
    Loving all your pictures and the view around the world. Gorgeous shots.

  9. Happy Monday ladies, sorry for not uploading my picture. I had free day and did not think of today being a monday ;)
    Summer arrived here finally too.
    Loving all your pictures and the view around the world. Gorgeous shots.

  10. Sarah you have the cutest little model!

    Sonya: Oh my!

    Tressa enjoy your summer!!

    Tezzie that is very nice! Great Job!!

    Rikako I would love to see it in a stewed dish, yum yum!

    Buckeroomama you did a great job! aww love her sweet face...♥

    Cornelia Good Luck!

    Emily: oh Summer I can't wait!

    Kat what handsome heart breaker!!

    Lola: to cute!!!

    Becky: Oh yes!! Full of energy!!! I have one of those in my house!!
    and he is rocking my world!

    I will come back on Thursday!!!

    {{HUGS & BESITOS}}