Friday, May 14, 2010

5.14.2010 "PRICE OF GAS"

5.14  Gas station
Gas costs HK$14.59 per liter (around US$1.9 per liter). 42% of the cost is actually government tax. Oh, my husband asked me to point out that this particular gas station is housed on the ground floor of a 10+-storey building... and not on a stand-alone lot. We basically drive through one side of the building, gas up, and then exit through another side.

5.14 "The price of fuel"
That would be Euros per litre is equal to 0.26 gallons (US). Not surprisingly, we don't have a huge driving culture here in Finland. I only know of one drive through fast food place...and absolutely NOTHING else is drive through here. People make sure to not have long commutes...and those who have summer cottages, tend to have one within a half hour's drive from their house!

5.14.10 The price of gas today in Pennsylvania
Well, I had to accost a total stranger in the Wawa parking lot for this assignment. I took a picture of the sign but it was extremely boring. I decided to drive over to the pumps and there I found this fabulous man who was pumping his gas. He looked like the LAST thing in the world he wanted to do was have his picture taken but I told him that women all over the world were going to be looking tomorrow and we needed him. He obliged : ) . Our regular gas is 2.85 right now. Not too outrageous. Have you ever taken a strangers picture at the pump? I highly recommend it!

5.14 Price of Fuel
From the top, Regular 138yen(US$1.50), High-Octane 149yen(US$1.62), Diesel 115yen(US$1.25) per liter.
Prices are going up these days.

5.14 Price of fuel
This was last week, not my typical gas station, but in true "Sarah" fashion, I had run my fuel tank down to the last drop and coasted in to the closest gas station possible! That habit drives my husband insane, but I have YET (knock on wood!) to run out of gas :)

5.14 Price of fuel
We are taxed heavily for our fuel. The price has gone up again since I took this photo. Right now we pay 7.20 a gallon but have paid close to 10 at one time. I can not remember the last time we filled the tank up.


  1. I didn't get my picture taken darn it! In Utah, gas is $2.99 a gallon.

    It has been quite a bit lower, but I suspect that the price is creeping up steadily to really gouge all of the Memorial Day travelers at the end of the month. Prices are always higher in the summer to capitalize on all of the traveling ;)

    But I'm not complaining! (Just yet ;)

    So fun to see the differences!

  2. Ummmmmmmmmmmm, Lola! I am doing a formal complaint! Where the heck is my stranger? I want him on here and NOT this boring picture :)
    I might have to go erase the boring picture this second...

  3. Ha ha ha! Too funny! Can't believe I missed him. Your first shot jumped out at me I guess.

    WOW pictures are so much more fun/interesting with people in them!

    I really like your stranger friend!

  4. Isn't that the funniest? : )
    I love strangers.
    Especially strangers at the pump!
    I should put him on facebook and ask all my friends that live around here if anyone knows him : ) Then he could come over and see what a super star he is in this post : )

  5. You are kidding...$7.20 per gallon in the Netherlands? I thought it was bad being $3.19 here per gallon.

  6. I wish I was kidding! when the gas prices were really bad we paid close to 10..if we were taxed so hard it would be around what you pay.

  7. Sonya, I guess we're paying much pretty the same when I convert liters to gallons! It'll work out to US$7.2 per gallon for us, too.

    HK public transportation is so efficient that people don't really need cars, so the gov't really tax us heavily on this.

    Becky - I love that you got the stranger to "play." :)

  8. Alot of people ride their's actually easier to get a loan for a house than a car here..thats how evil they think cars

  9. Yep...gas is crazy expensive, isn't it??!

    Sonya - Looks like maybe we're paying about the same for our gas...I'm assuming you have euros as well ;D With an hour's commute each way, every day, it's no wonder we switched to a car that takes diesel fuel!

    Becky - fun stranger shot! did you give him the blog address to prove he's 'famous'? ;D

    Have a nice weekend, everyone...

  10. WOW..okay I do miss having a car but pumping and paying for bike looks pretty good. Our prices here are up near Sonya. Happy Saturday!