Wednesday, June 9, 2010

TODAY 6.9.2010

6.9  Today
World Cup fever hits Hong Kong. There is an exhibit of different World Cup balls of different participating countries at one of the malls here. This one's for you, Cornelia. :)

Today 9/6
My children ran in the fields.

9 June
Waiting at the airport for my flight.

6.9 Today
Katherine decided she wants to be a street performer when she grows up and today she's practicing her show.

6.9 Today
It's cold enough to wear a gorgeous jumper (Australian word for sweater) like this one. Don't you just love the red!?

We went to the duck pond. I enjoyed relaxing in the shade while Kort and a neighbor friend fed ducks, carp, and even tried their hand at tadpole wrangling. Here is the baby bump at 32 weeks. 8 weeks to go!

6.9.10 Today
All you need is love.

I can't help buying stuff from this shop. Today I found a lovely bag and T-shirt. I swear not to stop by this shop for a while! Loving paper bag of Natalie Lete, a French illustrator.

Today I am waiting for my new Baby!! The new addition to my Mac Family!! Her name is going to be Patricia a.k.a Patty & I am going to love her so so so much!!!

6.9 Today
Trying to recoup some energy lost at the swim meet last night! My daughter's favorite part is getting to have things written on her with a Sharpie marker -- "Eat My Bubbles!"

6.9 Today
Today I wondered what it would be like to float around in one of these. Would you if you could?

Today I am enjoyed the second Twilight book. It keeps me in there and lets me forget the world around me. I love it when books do that to me.

6.9 "Today"
Munchkin and Boy start their day "surfing" the internet, as's hard tearing them away from their games to come eat breakfast!


  1. Buckeroomama - I'll bet Josh is thrilled!

    Caroline - What a stunning shot...perfect in every way :)

    Cornelia - perhaps I should already know, but where are you headed? And, the writing on the plane is hilarious...if not too reassuring ;)

    Emily - She's soooo adorable!..and what a gorgeous dress! My Munchkin would call that a Princess Dress :D

    Kat - It's a beautiful red, yes...and a lovely jumper...but she seems to be missing another key garment needed for colder weather ;)

    Lola - You've got the cutest baby bump, ever...and it's so exciting that you only have 8 weeks left!

    Becky - very cute!

    Rikako - I can only hope that I find some awesome stuff like that today when I'm out shopping!

    Rocio - addition to your family! Congratulations...she's beautiful! ;)

    Sarah - Ha! Eat my Bubbles...funny :)

    Sonya - I can report that it's very peaceful floating around up in one of those...and, yes, I'd do it again!

    Suki - Twilight is a great series! I totally got lost in it when I read it last year...enjoy visiting their world! The most exciting part of being in book 2 is that you still have so many more to go! (I get so sad once a book ends).

    Have a fabulous day, everyone!

  2. I'm loving all the photos today!

    Funny it's almost like we have a theme of "lower body half" as theme today: --Becky's (Did you ask Kaish who they're supposed to be?), Lola's (Your bump makes me long for a bump of my own), & Kat's (LOVE the red jumper).

    Sarah - LOL! "Eat my bubbles!" I love that! I would think it's cool to have that written on my back with a Sharpie, too. :) (So sorry about the break-in. I hope you got everything replaced without a hitch.)

    Tezzie - My kids are like that, too! Once the PC's on, they hover about waiting for a chance to swoop in and take over. So now, we have a no TV/PC rule on weekdays. Yeah, I'm mean like that.

    Oh, Suki - don't you just love that series?! I found myself dragging out the last few chapters of the last book just so that I could keep on reading. :)

    Lovely pic, Sonya! The rainbow colors against the blue of the sky... beautiful!

    Emily - What a pretty dress your pretty girl is wearing! She looks so sweet with that pose. :)

    Cornelia - Have a safe and smooth journey!

    Caroline - Beautiful shot!

    Rikako - I love that paper bag, too! It's so pretty!

    Rocio - You always have such cool gadgets! :)

  3. Love our today's!!!
    I can't ait for the World Cup to start!

    I love to visit my cousin ranch bc my kiddos go wild on those fields!

    Cornelia waiting on airport is so much fun! (at least for me)

    Emily She is a cutie!!

    Kat love that jumper!! Red is one my favorites color!!

    Oh Lola how relaxing!

    Becky love those converse!!

    Rikako love tha bag!

    Sarah Sharpie? jejeje funny!

    Sonya Wow I have ride one of those back in New Mexico it was amazing!

    Suki oh my that is a good book!

    Tezzie Oh kids and their games!! I got some good Wii Games for their birthday!! They make me sweat A LOT!!!

  4. Tezzie, I just took a trip to Cape Town, but I'm back home now:-)

    Buckeroomama - hehe...I love our soccerball! Thanks for posting this picture!

    Emily - she is the sweetest thing ever!

    Kat - I want that sweater...NOW! :-)

  5. These pictures always make me smile. The field is beautiful!

  6. World Cup craze is here too....Flags from's very ccol! travels!
    Emily your street performer is so cute!
    Kat-red is awesome!
    Lola your baby bump is so cute...
    Becky I love how kangaroo kisses lead to baby roo!
    Sonya no way I'm afraid of heights I'll just wave to you!

  7. Amazing photos today ladies. Love them all!
    Go the All Whites (New Zealand soccer team) NZ is there for the first time in like 30 odd years!! Wahoo! We will get whipped but how exciting for our guys!