Thursday, June 10, 2010

6.10.2010 "TODAY"

6.10 "Today"
I practiced my barbering skills on Boy, who received his annual 'summer cut'

Watermelon means Summer :)

Today I decided that chubby green caterpillars are kinda cute

6.10 Today
My kids are still talking about the tortoise that showed up in our yard the other day. They begged me to let them keep him as a pet, but whadya know? He "escaped" :)

6.10 TODAY
We bought Takoyaki pan for fun. We had a Takoyaki party for the first time. What is Takoyaki? Takoyaki means the octopus balls. It is a popular Japanese dumpling made of batter, diced octopus, tempura scraps (tenkasu), pickled ginger, and green onion, topped with okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise, green laver (aonori), and katsuobushi (fish shavings), etc. Kids love to mix with sausage and cheese too.

6.10.10 Today
Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia. ~Charles Schulz

Today I am still in shock that my little Miss Lily Vanilly (my niece) is ONE! Time flies. In this shot, she is only a month old and is being held by my youngest brother (her Uncle Trevor). The glasses he is wearing are my late Grandpa Headlee's old frames with Trev's prescriptions put in. He looks straight out of the 70s baby! Coolest little brother ever.

6.10 Today
It's getting HOT in Sicily and I need new summer clothes. Today, I think we might go shopping!

10 June
My sister baked the most delicious apple pie ever!

My daughter found a four leaf clover! We don't believe in 'luck' but still a cool find :)

6.10  Today
As much as the books, both Josh and Zoë love going to the library to play on their PC's.


  1. Tezzie..wat a CUTIE! I always do that cut to my boys during the summer.

    Suki..watermelon really does mean summer..I LOVE it and could happily ive off it during the summer.

    Sarah..I LOVE turtles and that one is a cutie. I was never lucky enough to have those around growing up or I would of begged to keep one too.

    Rikako..Takoyaki sounds very interesting and would love to give it a shot:)

    Becky, love that photo and quote!

    Lola, a big Happy Birthday to your niece..wat a cutie and thats so cool about your little brother and the frames! so cool indeed:)

    Emily..I want one of those purses!lol

    Cornelia that looks like one delicious apple pie! YUM!

    Caroline..I have a 4 leaf clover I found when I was about 14 and have it framed. I need all the luck I can get !

    Buckeroomama, you seriously have the cutest kids ever.

  2. Suki - You're right...watermelon IS summer. Love the arrangement of the pieces for your pic. Brilliant, as usual :)

    Sonya - hmmm...never noticed it before...but their little bums are kinda cute, now that you mention it! LOL

    Sarah - it boggles my mind that there are places where turtles 'show up in one's yard'...the 'best' we can 'hope' for here is a snake...and let me tell ya...I'm NOT wishing for one of those! Glad he 'escaped'...he'll be much happier living freely, I think.

    Rikako - hee hee...octopus balls *giggling childishly* Seriously, though, they sound yummy...and fun that the kids get so involved with the cooking process!

    Becky - What a happy/colourful shot!

    Lola - Awwww...sweetness itself...and TOTALLY a funky/cool 'baby bro' :)

    Emily - I think even I'D enjoy shopping in a cute place like long as I don't have to try anything on, that is... ;D

    Cornelia - Just. Wow. And, yum!

    Caroline - Cool! I remember spending countless hours searching for one of those when I was a kid...can't say I remember actually finding one, though...

    Buckeroomama - Adorable!! Aren't those little girls just the cutest when they're playing on the computer??! My Munchkin started being allowed to use our computer just after she turned 2...her chubby little fingers couldn't quite handle the clicking, so she used her thumb instead!

    Have a happy Today, my friends :)

  3. Rikako - I love those!! Whenever we'd go to Apita (a supermarket where many Japanese expats shop), I try to get me some of those. I love them with mayo and lots of nori flakes!

    Tezzie - That shot totally reminded me that I need to cut Josh's hair TODAY... and Zoë, too. The $ I save from having to take them to the salon, I get to buy some toys and books for them. :)

    Sarah - Hmmm, sounds like somebody helped... ;p

    Suki - You make the simplest of subjects into art. Seriously. :)

    That is one chubby caterpillar. I wonder what it'll look like as a butterfly. :)

    What a fun shot, Becky... and yes, that quote really does put things in perspective, doesn't it? :)

    Lily Vanilly? I love that you call her that.

    Emily - I love those "basket bags"... so summery!

    That apple pie sure looks good! Yum!

    Caroline - Cool find!

  4. I am super late to work so I can't leave a comment for everyone but as per usual, I loved looking at all of your days girls. Brilliant : )

  5. I love to see all the different images. Reminds me I am just a piece of the action here on earth.

  6. Such a colorful, eclectic today! Have I told you lately how much I love being part of this project?