Wednesday, June 16, 2010

6.16.2010 "TODAY"


It's amazing what beauty you can find while waiting in line at a McDonald's drive thru!

Today we marked off another item on our "Summer Bucket List." Kort pulled "Go swimming at a fun pool." out of the bucket this morning, so off we went! He had a blast. We also ate nachos, pizza, a churro, and fudgecicles while we were there, you know, to round out the afternoon! Man, I love summer...

6.16 "Today"
The kids are helping Hubby water our (loooong) little hedge with his 'getting water out of the creek' contraption built from various pieces of "discarded items"...ok...garbage ;D!

My garden is blooming!


6.17 TODAY
Seasonal flowers-Ajisai,Hydrangea. My mother-in-law grew them.

6.16 Today
Today we're hanging out at home, cooking and playing and trying to relax before the flurry of packing begins.

6.16  Today
This is one of my favorite pieces of "art" by Josh. He made this last March, using some Lakeshore paints that I got him. (Paints in a squeezable bottle, with a brush at the end --no spills, no mess!) Watercolor paper courtesy of KungKung (grandpa).

16 June
My car (the yellow one) and my boyfriend's.


  1. Cornelia! How fun are you with the bugs? Flipping LOVE those!

    Fun pools rock our socks. Our pool is a fun pool so we pretty much live there all summer. I am SO excited for school to be out so we can commence our summer swimming days.

    Sonya! GORGEOUS beyond all. Wow. LOVE that. So glad you had your camera ready to snap that beauty at the McDonalds Drive thru! : )

    Beautiful painting by your baby. I love kid art!

    Rikako, your mother in law grew GORGEOUS flowers. Such a pretty shade of lilac. Love. Love. LOVE them!

    And the peacock! What is not to love. Aren't those colors magnificent!

    Happy Wednesday girls!

    I could look at your girls all day Emily! Stunningly precious!

    Time with Daddy is always fun on a fourwheeler! Fabulous!

  2. Ha ha! Cornelia, that just adds a whole new meaning to the term "love bugs."

    That artwork is seriously BEAUTIFUL, and so is your daughter Emily! What a precious shot.

    And Becky...Who knew child endangerment could be so darn cute! LOL!

    Love it ALL ladies!

  3. Great pictures all the pretty,art,punch bugs...
    Lola love the pool with snow cap mountains in background.
    Becky..don't dry the baby..she will shrink for sure.

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. Beautiful, adorable, fascinating, gorgeous, cute...all of those describe the photos!

  5. Fabulous photos!

    The baby is the dryer is cracking me up!

  6. LOL at the Beautiful baby in the Dryer!! LOVE IT Becky!

    SONYA so so Beautiful!

    LOLA How fun!!! Yum PIZZA!

    TEZZIE aww love your helpers so cute!

    RIKAKO Wow those are PRETTY AMAZING!! love the color!

    EMILY YOur Babies are so ADORABLE!!

    BUCKEROOMAMA: Lovely ArT!!

    CORNELIA: Aww super sweet LOVE BUG!!! aww I want one!!! I would love it in GREEN!

  7. I LOVE the baby in the dryer!! adorable beyond words.

    Lola..I miss fudgesicles..must learn how to make them myself. I love this photo. The colors..and do I see a mountain in the background?? awesome!

    Tezzie~ If I promise to help around your yard,can I please come over? I just love where you live!

    Rocio~ WOW..that is the best photo of a peacock I have ever seen. It reminds me of a bride on her wedding day getting her photo I just love it.Frame worthy!!!

    Rikako~ BEAUTIFUL!!

    Emily you have the sweetest girls.

    Buckeroomama,arent those paintings the best? my youngest son made one with watercolors too..a Pokemon painting..LOL Maybe it's just me but on the right side..the lighter color looks like the side profile of a bunny with one green eye and a bit of green on his ear and a pinkish body..does anyone else see that? lol

    Cornelia that is such a cool photo! I've never gone on a ride in a big before..I've always wanted to though!

  8. Beautiful pictures everyone!
    Becky ~ seriously ~ you are crazy, but that's an awesome shot!! :D
    Love the heather, and the peacock and the art ~ all so colourful!
    The others, lovely too!

  9. Cornelia -- How cool is that?! Now the question is, did you both have the bugs before or only after you two got together? :)

    Becky - I hope you remembered to take her out! That is seriously SO cute!

    Sonya - That is such a pretty shot! I love it. (Now that you had mentioned it, I see the rabbit! I always thought the red, green and orange look like elf boots.)

    Rocio - Lovely capture of the peacock!

    Rikako - How lucky are your kids?! Granpa plants radishes and grandma has gorgeous flowers! :)

    Tezzie - I simply adore the post-processing you did on this photo!

    Lola -You are such a cool mom! I know I said that I will do up a summer bucket list, but I still have not gotten around to it yet. In my defense, it is not quite summer here yet, as both my kids still have school until end of June.

    Emily - Little girls with their thumbs in their mouths are SO sweet! Makes you just want to scoop them up and give them hugs and kisses. :)

  10. Becky - Cute :)

    Sonya - oooooooh...LAVENDER! One of my faves...I have a weee bit of a plant of it in my garden that managed to survive in the wrong place. Now, I've moved it and thankfully it seems to be thriving!!! (perhaps I need to feed it some McD burgers ;D)

    Lola - What a totally awesome place! I'll bet you all had a blast...summer heaven :)

    Caroline - Gorgeous...don't have any of those...what kind is that? Peony?

    Rocio - Stunning...I also love the orange tree in the background!

    Rikako - Wow...really beautiful...such a pretty blue!

    Emily - So sweet...good with some 'down time' before the craziness begins!

    Buckeroomama - you have a little Picasso on your hands :D A lot of work went into kids would get tired of it after 2 colours and declare themselves done ;D

    Cornelia - too cool for words :D...why do they have different shaped licence plates?

  11. Caroline that is a STUNNING shot of the flower! WOW

  12. Becky-Cute shot!

    Sonya-Pretty flowers!

    Lola-That place looks fun! Our pool isn't opened yet....can't wait.

    Tezzie-little helpers are so cute.

    Caroline-Wow, such a beautiful flower!! You grew them? That's great!

    Rocio-I agree with Sonya. That is the best photo of a peacock I have ever seen.

    Emily-She is so cute. From Italy to Japan, it is long long way! Hope you will love Japan.

    Buckeroomama- Great artwork!
    I love "no spills, no mess".

    Cornelia-cute shot!

  13. Yes it's a Paeoni ~ and yes I grew it, sort of ~ my landlady planted them before we moved in, all I do is keep the beds weed free and the plants do the rest!! :D

  14. Pretty pictures, everyone!

    Love the peacock Rocio, and all the flowers, Caroline and Rikako!

    Buckeroomama - we both had the cars before we was like
    'I drive a beetle'
    'REALLY?! Me too!' :-D

    Tezzie - sometimes square licence plates are issued for the bugs...I don't really know why...:-)