Wednesday, June 16, 2010

6.17.2010 TODAY

6.17  Today
Today, we are going to have some puppet fun!

6.17 Today
Today my husband brought me flowers...for absolutely no reason!


Today I am going to see my midwives (again) for some blood tests (again). Keep your fingers crossed for me that my iron levels will be better! If I have to eat one more slab of tri-tip steak...I may die! (And hey, I love me some steak, but enough is enough already!)

I took a walk in the park with my husband. I love it when we are able to escape everything and spend some alone time together.

Today 17/6
Fig-Pie Rolling Competition being open by our MP, at our village Celebrations ~ you can read all about it here.

17 June
It is winter here, but we can still see some autumn leaves.

6.17 TODAY
Kent became 6 yrs old on June 16th. His future dream is to be a soccer player. I ordered the cake to be decorated with a soccer ball and boy.

June 17 Today is Shoshi's Birthday
Shoshi came to our neighborhood from Bangladesh last August. We remember wondering if he would fit in. If he would learn to speak English with us. If he would be our friend...We never imagined he would grow to be such an integral part of our family. We love him with all of our hearts. Our time with him has been short but we will never ever forget him. He is returning to Bangladesh with his family in July and our lives will never be the same. Happy Birthday Shoshi!

'Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children.' ~George Bernard Shaw


  1. Happy Birthday will sad to not see his smiling face on your blog..he has such a great smile.

    Happy Birthday Kent....I hope all his wishes come true.

    Autumn is my favorite time of interesting see pictures from an opposite season. So pretty!

    UK and their traditions are so cool that is one thing I love about living in Europe.

    Sonya so pretty looks like a perfect place to walk hand in hand with the hubs! bump beauty...ate you meat and be a good girl!

    Mami...want your camera ..gorgeous shot!

    Emily your hubby is a smart man!

    Buckeroomama love simple puppets like those...have fun!

    Happy Thursday Ladies!

  2. I bet Kent loved his cake very much (just look at his eyes!). :)

    We'll miss seeing Shoshi in your photos, Becky. He has the kindest eyes and a sweet, sweet smile. :)

    Wow, fig-pie rolling! That would be fun to watch. :)

    Love the flower shots!

    Isn't it so sweet when our hubbies do something sweet when we least expect it? :)

    Lola - You (your shadow!) look fabulous! I remember taking Materna (antenatal vitamin) to help with my iron levels when I was pregnant.

    Much as we love the kids, we love spending alone time, too. It helps us to reconnect. :)

    Cornelia - Looking at your pic, I could almost feel/hear the crunch of leaves underfoot if someone were to step on them. I love autumn colors!

  3. BECKY - It breaks my heart that your Shoshi will be moving away!! I am so happy that he was able to swoop in and touch your hearts and lives so deeply though. When friends do that, they are never very far away - regardless of geographic location.

    Beautiful todays everyone. I am thinking that I love the "today" theme more than anything!!!

  4. Oh Emily! That flower is SO lovely. Captivating. Sunny and bright. I think that Sunflowers are such lovely things to photograph! I can hardly wait until they start blooming around here!

    The stick figure puppets are SO colorful and bright. I love that Buckaroomama! You are such a fabulous Mommy! Love your activities for your sweet babies!

    Oh no Lola! I will pray that everything is A-OK! Praying for you as the baby continues to grow! Your baby bump is NOTHING short of adorable. Perfection : ) You look cuter and cuter as the days go by! Thanks for caring about Shoshi leaving. I have been crying about it lately. We will miss him so.

    Roccio your flowers are so pretty! I love the petals. Unique!

    What a pretty fountain Sonya. I just love it : ) And I love the floating ducks too. Very pretty!

    Caroline, what a great picture of a fig pie rolling competition! I have never heard of that. That roller sure is cute though :)

    Look at all of your pretty autumn leaves Cornelia! Very cool to look at like that. They look like a rug!

    Look at 6 year old Kent! I LOVE his cake. What a great smile he has! So glad you could celebrate with a soccer cake! I hope his dreams come true and he does get to play soccer one day!

  5. Love those puppets :D
    Fabulous cake for such a sweet lad :D
    So sad about Shoshi ~ he will be missed by Soooo many people! His mum had best learn how to post pictures on the net for us!! ~ Happy Birthday little man! :D
    Gorgeous autumn leaves ~ they are always so pretty ~ although winter in SA doesn't sound very cold!
    Loving all the pretty flowers (I love summer) ...
    ...and the waterfall is gorgeous too ~ looks very tranquil! :D
    Lola ~ sympathies about the iron levels ~ have you heard of 'Floradix' or 'Spatone' (google them)? One of those might be preferable to excessive amounts of Steak!! ~ You look great BTW!! :D

  6. Ummm...just wondering what happened to Thursday? Or is this some kinda version of Groundhog Day that I'm not familiar with ;D

    Lovely shots, everyone
    Happy "Groundhog Day"! LOL

    Oh, and Lola...blueberries have lots of iron...also go better in a milkshake or fruit smoothie ;D

  7. Wow everyones today looks fabulous!

    Becky that is so sad about Shoshi..he will be greatly missed by all!! A big happy birthday to him

    Happy Birthday to those big eyes..the cake looks yummie:)

  8. Tezzie - Did your photo for Thursday upload into a different folder...or the main folder?

    I can't find it :)
    Let me know!

  9. Loving all the pictures. Paper puppets...looking forward to a video of the kids and their puppet show.

    Fall leaves, baby bumps, walks in the park, celebrating birthdays, rolling figpies (that is really interesting)...fascinating photos.

    Becky, I'm totally heartbroken to hear that Shoshi is going to be leaving July. He is such a beautiful boy with a beautiful smile.

  10. Lola - I don't have pics for either Thurs of Fri this week...I was just commenting on the title of the days on this seems to be a day behind, at least how it's displayed on my computer; Thursday is headed 'Wednesday' and Friday is called 'Thursday'. Just weird, is all...