Thursday, June 3, 2010


I know it's boring, but my favorite drink would have to be water with lemon (preferably six or seven slices of lemon!) Happy Berfday to my brother Bryan!!!

6.3 My favorite beverage
I'm pretty much an addict. (picture from the web)

6.3 Favorite Drink
My favorite drink during the summer is orange lemonade

6.3 "Fave beverage"
"Got milk?" Actually, I used to haaaate milk, and didn't drink it for the longest time. I started back with milk during my 20ies and now I love it...but it's gotta be skim milk...and COLD! Finland has reeeaally tasty dairy products...perhaps that's why there's a high rate of lactose intolerance...

6.3  My favorite beverage
Green tea, preferably with honey. I also love herbal tea (Country Peach Passion!)...

6.3.10 My Favorite Beverage
Does an orange slushy count as my favorite beverage? It totally is! Especially when it is delivered by my favorite grumpy boy! : ) Here is to a day filled with orange slushies for all of us!

6.3 My favorite beverage
I love sparkling water. Specially "Perrier"


  1. I'm a reformed Diet Coke drinker currently in love with Afpel Schorle it's half apple juice and half sparkling water! But I also love sparkling water too. And of coarse Chai Lattes is a love too..I could never just choose one!

  2. I wish I love (regular) milk more, but I do like soy milk. And even then, I don't drink it much. (Awesome shot, Tezzie!)

    Such refreshing drinks, ladies! I have in front of me my honey green tea (ice cold) as I am typing this!

  3. Bucheroomama I LOVE your tea pot!

    Lola Im a BIG water drinker myself so thats not boring at all:) coke is yummie,although I seriously miss diet pepsi vanilla!

    Tezzie I go through periods where I can't get enough milk and then I'm good for awhile

    Becky Orange Slushies TOTALLY count! yum yum

    Rikako, love that shot! for some reason I can not get into sparkling water..maybe I should give it another shot :)

    Wish we could all sit down together and have a drink!!

  4. @Sonya - The teapot's not mine, I'm afraid. This was a shot that I took when I had lunch with my friend. That was what my green tea order came in. :)

    And yes, wouldn't it be so cool if we could actually sit down together and have a drink?!

  5. Coffee is mine.

    Great shots!


  6. I love all the refreshing photos!

    Lola-I love water with lemon too!
    but with six or seven slices!? I would love to try that.

    Sarah-Yes, "Diet" coke is good.

    Sonya- That looks perfect drink for summer! Pretty refreshing!

    Tezzie-I do prefer soy milk too.
    But your great shot make me wanna drink.

    BUCEROOMAMA-I want to try Green tea with honey!
    Do you have any particular brand that you recommend?

    Becky-orange slushy!? It looks good & cold. My kids would love it.

    Good night ladies!!
    Now I am drinking Ceylon Ice tea!

  7. Mmmmm this is one refreshing post!!!
    My favorite drink is strawberry-lemonade from the restaurant Cheddars I can drink that all the time!!!

    Water is my favorite daily drink!!

    Tezzie that is one looking milk shot!!

  8. @Rikako - I don't have any particular brand that I go with. I've never made my own honey green tea, but from what I could see when the people at the shop prepare it, they just fill a "shaker" (like the ones they use in bars) with lots of ice, pour the green tea in it, squirt some honey on top and then they shake it all up before pouring out the "honey green tea." :)