Wednesday, June 2, 2010

6.2.2010 "TODAY"

6.2 Today
Emily waltzed around the garden like this, my flower she stole from my bedroom pinned to her locks. I had no objection. She looked so cute.

Today 6.2
I got an early gift from my husband, a lovely Canon PowerShot D10 12.0 MP 3X Zoom Water Camera. He knew I was going to love it! The summer is here and water is a big part of it! I am going to put this new baby to a good use! I just hope I don't bored you we many water shots!! LOL

6.2 Today
I realized that beautiful things can pop up between the cracks in the street.

Go Carts! Woo-hoo!

6.2 Today
Today my new lense came in the mail. The macro setting makes me weep with joy!

6.2  Today
At this Japanese restaurant where we had dinner, we were served shrimp dumplings instead of the more typical pork gyozas.

6.2 "Today"
Today, my kids are terrorizing butterflies...or clouds...or something equally evil ;D (the squirters are soooo not my idea, btw, but since they have them, I figure they may as well get to use them, as long as they don't squirt people...or the poor dog LOL)

Today 24/5/10
DD had a very drastic haircut!!

6.2.10 Today
The boys bungee jumped. They flew thru the air. They had the best time!

6.2 Today
An escape to the solitary island is being planned in June.


  1. I want an underwater camera!!!! (and a really great lens with a fantastic macro setting for that matter!!) So cool!

    The shrimp dumplings look deeelish!

    What a pretty flower for Emily's hair!

    I also want to bungee jump and take a trip to solitary island!

    This post got my lil' "want monster" all sorts of revved up ;)

  2. Fun days around the world...jealous of the new cameras and lens...but excited to see pictures. Sonya not a fan of ants...but coolest shot ever.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday ladies!

  3. Kat - what a wonderful image...there's such a feeling of wistfulness in it. Is she your little sister?

    Rocio - WOW...that is the coolest shot EVER! And, I'm more than a little jealous, I have to point out ;D

    Sarah - I'm a big fan of finding beauty in odd places!

    Lola - What fun! And look at how excited Kort is :D Sweet!

    Sonya - Awesome macro...ok...I've got lens envy creeping in ;D

    Buckeroomama - That looks sooo yummy! I love the pork ones, so I can just imagine how delish the shrimp would be :)

    Caroline - Adorable haircut...that reminds me, my little man is long past overdue for a summer cut!

    Becky - Awesome fun! I'll bet they had a blast :D

    Rikako - that word combination sounds heavenly; escape...solitary...island *sigh*

  4. Kat that is a beautiful shot!

    Rocio, I now need a water camera! WOW

    Sarah you are so right about this. It has now inspired me to look between the cracks:)

    Lola love that shot! I used to love go cart

    Buckeroomama, I am so so so envious of all the wonderful food you get to eat.

    Tezzie that is a seriously awesome picture! I used to love my water gun growing up. We ued to have big water fights with all the kids in the neighborhood:)

    Caroline..wat a cutie!!! Im so loving his adorable outfit and haircut!!

    Becky you are like the coolest Mom ever..I want to come over and hang out with you! wonderful! I look forward to the pictures!!

  5. Yepppo :) That is my 9 year old little sister..

    Lovely photos today ladies..

    I wish i could bungee jump looks like so much fun!

    And Buckeroomama that looks absolutely delicious!!

    I hope you are all having gorgeous weeks..

  6. Beautiful things ARE in the cracks. So glad you stopped to take a picture Sarah. Lovely!

    Super excited about the underwater camera! How much fun is that? Fantastic!

    And a new lens. Fun as can be : ) So happy for you! Try not to weep!

    Go karting and little boys go together so perfectly.

    Emily is pretty as can be with the flower in her hair!

    Such happy days all over the world. Love it!

  7. Fantastic pictures TODAY everyone!!!

  8. Kat -- first let me just say, I love your name :) My daughter's name is Kathryn and we call her Kat! What a beautiful little girl with that flower in her hair!

    Rocio -- I want an underwater camera!!!!! How cool!

    Lola -- He looks like he's having a blast!

    Sonya -- great picture, but kinda makes me itchy all over :)

    B-mama -- YUM! I have discovered shrimp gyozas in the frozen section at the grocery store and they are my favorite! But those look a lot more delicious :)

    Tezzie -- love it! I'm sure they had fun!

    Caroline -- could he be any cuter? Love his little tie!

    Becky -- I think I should send Matthew to live with you for the summer. You are the coolest "boy mom"!

    Rikako -- Ummmm, can I please escape to a solitary island?!?! Pretty please???

  9. ROCIO - I always look, don't always comment.

    I CANNOT WAIT for your underwater shots.


  10., love, LOVE it! :-)

  11. Thanks for the sweet comments on my shot Chicas! I am sure loving my camera ;)

    Sarah that is one beautiful crack!

    Lola Woo hoo!!!

    Sonya loving your lense!!! Pretty cool ant shot...look at them working!

    Buckeroomama your shot yum yum I am having shrimp tomorrow!!!

    Tezzie jejeje but squirting people is so much fun!!!

    Caroline he looks so cute!!

    Becky I can't wait to go to the carnival the kiddos always have a blast!!

    Rikako how fun!!! I can't wait to see your shots from there!