Thursday, April 22, 2010

4.22.2010 "TODAY"

"Today I'm missing school where we get to learn cool stuff like painting imitation marble"

4.22 Today
Today we're finally, actually, REALLY on our way to Paris. I mean it this time! Unless, of course, our flights get cancelled...again.

Nassau's Swampland

Today 4.22.
It is still sunny in the neck of my woods.

Today it is pouring again. My grass is gorgeous and green, Baby Bob is kickin' away in my belly, and Bubbuh is attached to my hip. (The thunder really freaks him out...which I sort of love...if I'm being honest. More snuggle time for me! ;)

4.22 Today
I went wedding dress shopping with my mom and sister!

4.22 Today
A music technology project...composing, recording, mixing and mastering my own song.

4.22  Today
I passed by a store that looked like it had been there for at least the past 50 years. A store that had the look and feel of stores way back when...

...I just enjoyed water attractions during my lunch break.
Water dances to the theme song of "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Today Kaishon and Shoshi put their feet up (and tipped the couch back against the wall) so they could relax. They just finished the Pennsylvania State Achievement Tests at school and they are pooped! A lot of Mom's wouldn't like their couches to get tipped into the wall. I love it. I love all of the wall dings and all of the hand and footprints. It reminds me that they are little and every day is an adventure. Soon it will all end and I will miss their dings.

Today my Sister in Law & I are planning a trip to San Antonio. We r visiting this lovely Apple store to pick up my Mother's Day present. ***Yeey*** I am so excited...I am such a Geek!


  1. Tezzie, that is a beautiful picture, but what is it??

    Emily, I'm jealous. That's all I'm gonna say.

    Lola, I love that your dog is freaked out by thunder. My middle child doesn't like thunder and is attached to my hip during storms :)

    Cornelia, you'll have to share your song when you're finished!

    Becky, you are such a great mom! And those are 2 cute little boys! We just finished the CRCTs here in Georgia and I am so glad. Not a fan of standardized testing for more reasons that I care to count!

    Lovely pictures everyone!!

  2. Aw, crap...the writing got lost when I resized!

    The caption should read somethingn like "Today I'm missing school where we get to learn cool stuff like painting imitation marble"

    Emily - hope the winds are cooperating!

    Nisa - that looks so peaceful!

    Suki - Gorgeous!

    Awww....poor Bubbuh! My parents' dogs were scared of the thunder, too, the poor things...they'd cower in the closet, while shaking uncontrollably :( . Nice that he seeks comfort with you, though!

    Sarah - I love this shot...beautiful, happy women!

    Cornelia - Way cool! Would be fun to hear sometime...

    Buckeroomama - those! Remember the feel of them from when I lived in China...little treasures waiting to be discovered :D

    Rikako - Awesome! (did your text get lost, too?)

    Becky -'re the coolest mom EVER! Wonderfully inventive of entire couch lazy boy!

  3. Painting imitation marble? That is really cool, Tezzie. :)

    Becky, you are such a fun mom! Kaish will have such wonderful memories growing up. :)

    Rikako --That certainly looks refreshing... whatever that is. :)

    "Music technology"... how far we've come from dipping quills in inkwells and writing down the pieces note by note on paper. :)

    How exciting, Sarah! Shopping is always fun, but shopping for a wedding dress? Doubly fun!

    Emily - Have fun in Paris!

    I love seeing your bump in your photos, Lola! :)

    Nisa, I love the reflection of the swamp grass (?) on the water. Beautiful. :)

    Suki - Your photos are like art pieces. Just lovely. :)

  4. Just a simple thankyou for sharing.

  5. TEZZIE: cool shot!!

    EMILY: Have a safe trip!

    NISA: Pretty!

    SUKI: Love it!

    LOLA: Adorable Belly!

    SARAH: How FUN!

    CORNELIA: wow that sounds like FUN!

    BUCKEROOMAMA: Interesting store! I love old stores like that!!

    RIKAKO: Love that!

    BECKY: Time to relax!!! Love it!

  6. Special days for everyone! So excited about your trip Emily! Paris! So fantastic!

    Thank you for sharing all of your days!

    'Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.' ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

  7. Oh, My photo that has been uploaded is not for "TODAY"!
    OK...I just enjoyed water attractions during my lunch break.
    Water dances to the music,
    "Theme song of Pirates of the Caribbean"

  8. Ooopsie! Sorry Rikako! I will just use your one for "today" tomorrow bad! I didn't even SEE your other photo until I went back and checked this morning. I'm such a space case these days!

    Tezzie- I added your description. That is so cool btw!

    Emily- if I could ever have a little girl HALF (okay, let's be honest, one fourth) as cute as yours, I would be in heaven! Have a great trip! Hope the volcano and airports cooperate this time!

    B-mama- that store is beyond charming.

    Nisa- Kort would have a hey day in the lovely swampy wonderland...well, I probably wouldn't let him there, but he'd sure want to get at it!

    Suki - glad it's sunny somewhere! GREAT shot. (as always)

    Sarah - this is a VERY favorite picture of mine. You and the women in your life are all stunning! I guess that's where you get it ;)

    Cornelia - How fun! I LOVE cutting and composing music digitally! So fascinating!

    Becky - You're the best mom ever. I couldn't agree more. Time flies. Those two are so lucky to have each other too! What a great little best buddy team they are!

  9. Thanks, Lola! You're such a sweetie :D