Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4.14.2010 "TODAY"

We had a LITTLE accident in the bathroom... Dane dropped a glass & POW went the counter... sigh.. I SWEAR the bathroom was clean!

4.14 "Today"
After searching desperately though my flowerbeds, I finally found the first teeeeny tiny sign of life!

Today 4.14.
Lacking a bit of inspiration here. The sun hasn't been out very much.

4.14 Today
I made my kids get dressed up for a "photo session" at the beach :)

Howdy! It's Wednesday all you can eat Shrimp!

4.14 Today
We saw the movie, " Spy Animal:G-Force". Kent experienced the first 3D movie of him. He liked it, though he had been bored with wearing glasses sometimes.

4.13.10 Today
Kaish had a bad day at school today. And then a bad night. When our children hurt, isn't that the worst kind of pain? "Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all." Dale Carnegie

4/14 "Today"
You never know what you'll find in your backyard when its shared - we live in a gated community.

The hubs thinks I need to change the profile picture on my blog. (He is my blog manager of sorts... ha ha! ;) I am thinking the replacement should be this one. He is thinking he agrees.

4.14 Today
Today, like everyday, I am greeted with a happy, cheesy smile from my little E. *sigh* My life is brilliant. :D

4.14 Today
We're spending the day at home--and I'm feeling grateful for good friends, lemon trees and, of course, the backyard!

4.14 Today
Chinese food...eaten by a South African wearing a Batman shirt. I think this is called 'multiculturealism'! :-D

4.14  Today
Today my Zoë turns 3!


  1. tressa - oh. my. ah!

    tezzie - yay life!

    suki - it's funny that your lack of inspiration is still beautiful and inspiring!

    sarah - love that pic and that dress is to die for!

    rocio - yum!

    becky - I'm so sorry! I can honestly say that I know just how you feel on the "bad day at school" front. I hate it when I feel like Kort is misunderstood... I think that every mother wishes that EVERYONE could see the goodness and beauty in her child that SHE sees so easily!

    nisa - so true~!

    katie - what a great mug!

    emily - what a beautious afternoon!

    corneliea - oh so multicultural indeed! hat to keep it interesting!

    b-mama - happy birthday to zoe!!!!!

  2. Cornelia - that must be Kung Fun Kitchen! Yummy!

  3. To quote Katie's comment, it looks like a lot of our "lives are brilliant"!

    Becky, it is the worst kind of pain I think. I hope the rest of the week goes much better!

    Lola, very cute and a definite quality choice for your blog! :)

    Tressa, ouch! I don't envy you the clean-up...

    Tezzie, yea! It's coming! :)

    Suki, I remember that about Germany. It won't stay overcast forever. And I still love that shot. :)

    Sarah, gorgeous! What a perfect picture!

    Rocio, you can have my portion too! ;)

    Rikako, I just watched that one too. How funny!

    Emily, is the lemon tree in your backyard? How neat! I would be in heaven! I love those cute blond braids by the way. Where in the world did she get such light hair?

    Cornelia, love that! Very multicultural. :)

    Buckeroomama, oh fun! Happy birthday, Zoe!!

  4. Tressa - OH NO how awful!

    Lola - LOVE the picture...can you "fuzz" the Talbots logo or is that deliberate?

  5. Happy Birthday dear Zoe! Happy Birthday dear Zoe. Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday to you.

    Love your picture Sarah. She is adorable for sure!

    Chinese food is so delicious. I am glad that you can eat it in South Africa!

    That little smile is So delicious Kate! What a doll!

    A lemon tree. That sounds pretty. And poetic!

    Perfect profile picture Lola! look at all of that happiness and love. delightful!

    Kaishon and Shoshi would be SO excited to find that in our back yard one day Nisa. Super cool.

    3D glasses are so cool. Did they like the movie?

    All you can eat shrimp always makes my day happier : )

    Tressa! I can not believe your counter. Oh. My. Goodness. I am sure that added a super stressful element to your day. Your bathroom is so pretty : )

  6. Tressa: Oh! No!That's terrible! (How long did it take you to clean up all that glass?) YIKES!

    Tezzie: I love this picture! I almost feel like I'm the one standing in your garden smelling the damp soil and breathing in the spring air. Lovely!

    Suki: I love all the lines in this picture. What a great angle!

    Sarah: Beautiful girl, beautiful beach, and what a great dress!

    Howdy Rocio! Sounds like fun!

    Rikako: My (almost) two-year-old keeps pointing at this picture and saying "Glasses! Glasses, boy, glasses!" I think she wishes she were old enough to go to the movie, too!

    Becky: I'm so sorry to hear Kaish is having a hard time. He seems like a great kid. I hope he's feeling better soon!

    Nisa: Funny! What were your neighbors doing?

    Lola: Too funny! Your family looks like fun!

    Katie: Hehe! That's an expression I know well and, you're right, it's the absolute best thing!

    Cornelia: What I wouldn't give for a plate of that rice right now--yum!

    Buckeroomama: Happy Birthday, Zoe!!

  7. I think it belongs to the landlord. It's been there for about 2 months now and hasn't done anything. lol

  8. Cat...greetings to a fellow South African! It is good to see you around here :-)

    It is indeed Kung Fu Kitchen...the msot amazing place for students (like us) get a LOT of good food for really cheap. Most probably as close to heaven as it can get in a student's eyes! :-)

  9. Tressa - OMG! The whole counter shattered from a dropped glass??! Hope that's covered under your insurance...perhaps a stone/plastic/wood counter would be the better choice next time. I've never heard of that happening before! Wow...

    Suki - uninspired inspiration :D Beautiful!

    Sarah - What a fun that dress!

    Rocio - incredible colour in your pic! And, all you can eat shrimp...could life get much better?! YUMMY!

    Rikako - fun! I'll bet my Boy would love that!

    Becky - So sorry Kaishon had a bad day...hope it works itself out. I know, as a mom, how gut wrenching it is to see one's kids hurting and not be able to fix the problem. He'll be ok, though...he's got wonderful friends, a terrific family, and the most awesome mom around to help him through whatever it is he's going through :D

    Nisa - funny! kids would be all over that thing, btw, using it as their own personal playground ;D

    Lola - Love it! What a sweet, fun family <3

    Katie - it must be impossible to wake up in a bad mood if you're greeted by that adorable face every day! too cute for words :D

    Emily - What a beautiful scene...a tranquil moment shared by friend and daughter. Hope you made lemonade...the best lemonade I've ever tasted came from lemons I picked myself!

    Cornelia - :D Looks like Batman is hungry and diving in for his share of that yummy dinner!

    Buckeroomama - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet Zoë!!

  10. I seriously can't get past Tressa's shattered bathroom counter to comment on the rest of your photos. I would cry if I had to clean up all that broken glass! Poor Tressa!!

    Happy Wednesday everyone :)

    p.s. I would l.o.v.e. to have a lemon tree in my backyard!!

  11. Sorry, no time to leave comment now.

    I just want to say
    Happy Birthday to your lovely girl, Zoe!!

  12. TRESSA: Wow!!!!!I am speechless...sorry I hope no one got hurt =(

    TEZZIE: aww...【ツ】

    SUKI: ☼That still's pretty nice!☼

    SARAH: ♥Love♥ the dress!!

    RIKAKO: 3D movies ROCK...【ツ】

    BECKY: I am so sorry his didn't have a good day...I feel your pain Friend! ♥HOPE He feels better soon! {{{HUGS}}}

    NISA: LOL!【ツ】


    KATIE: aww...♥♥♥ Precious!

    EMILY: Love it...♥

    CORNELIA: 【ツ】Chinese Food YÜMMY! C☺☺l shirt 2!!!



  14. Thanks for all the birthday greetings to Zoë! :)

    (Sorry that I haven't been commenting much this week... my parents were in town and they'd just left.)