Thursday, March 18, 2010

3.18.2010 "MY FRONT DOOR"

3.18  My Front Door
NOT my front door, but wouldn't it be pretty to have a red door like that?

3.18 My front door
There's nothing particularly special about my front door, but for some members of my family it seems to hold the key to happiness.

3.18 "My front door"
This is absolutely the wrong time of year to show off my boring, white, plain front door. During Christmas, there are some lights and decorations...and in the summer, the door is surrounded by flowers of different colours. This time of year, however, all I have is our Welcome Sign.

3.18.10 My Front Door: The Amusement Park
I know everyone else is going to be cool and put their pretty door in today. The truth is, I have a regular door picture on my camera already to upload, but I am too tired. Kaish and I had the MOST STRESSFUL day ever and I need to go to bed. So, here is my front door, where we were sledding and jumping this winter : ). I hope you will let it count. XO

3/18 My front door
I live in the apartment.

3.18 My front door
My front door, dead plants and all :) Let's do this theme again in a few weeks when I've got my spring flowers out, please?!?! We actually don't use our front door much. I've always loved that saying, "Back door guests are best!" And that seems to be true at our house.


  1. Hey -- This is the Corner View topic over at Spain Daily this week! Check out her blog and you'll see MANY front doors from around the globe.

  2. I love all doors even the plain ones...such a story on what's behind them. Have a wonderful Thursday ladies.

  3. I love front doors : ) and back doors. And any doors that lead to where a family is : ) A home is filled with love!

  4. Love all the doors! Becky, I almost posted an old picture too, with my daughter walking out the front door (taken from the inside), but decided to go out and snap one yesterday. Mine is boring, yours is perfect!

  5. Lovely doors, my friends!

    And, Sarah...your door is ANYTHING but boring!!! Gorgeous is closer to the truth :D

    I agree that this theme will be fun to do again once warmer weather arrives and we can spruce them up a bit with some colourful flowers etc :D (June-July, perhaps?)

  6. Becky! That's such a great picture! I'm glad you decided to post something old, and I hope you guys are recovering from your stressful day!

    Buckeroomama: What a pretty red door! I wish my looked like that, too. Instead, mine's plain old brown.

    Tezzie: I loved reading about the transformation of your door throughout the year. I've never really thought about it before, but you're right, doors are a really festive part of a person's house!

    Rikako: Your door reminds me of mine, but at least you have some fancy gold trim!

    Sarah: Your house looks like something out of a magazine! Stunning!