Monday, October 24, 2011

Tuesdays Around the World 10.25.11

Please join us “Today” – wherever you are in the world – and link up with Communal Global!

Buckeroomama, Hong Kong

Just some of the many, many food we had during our visit to Malaysia last weekend.

Caroline, England
Tues 25th Oct
Anyone with children will so 'get' this picture!

Katie, Canada
The best way I have found to cut onions!

Lola, Utah
Tuesday, 25 Oct
We are LOVING home-school! Today we are doing regular classes in the morning, and then taking an afternoon field trip to tour a motion picture studio! Very cool.

May, Germany
I am a Disney girl...yeah, totally!!!!

Salma, Canada
A real man cleans the house.

Sarah, Georgia
My oldest had to make a diorama for school. They are studying Africa. She had to research flamingos and antelope and do a presentation for her 3rd grade class.

Tinajo, Sweden
My youngest suddenly dared to put his head under water - he was so proud afterwards!

Wanda, Canada
Tues. Oct 25
Our very last bouquet of the year, from our garden. (Sniff)

Maddy, New Jersey/ NYC
Guess who got the keys to her very first house a few days ago?!


  1. YAY Maddy. Congrats on the new house.
    Katie, lol, that's an idea.

    Lovely photos ladies.

  2. Awesome photos from around the world!

  3. Congrats Maddy!!
    Katie omg...that is brilliant, I'm so trying that!
    Wanda...kinda sad for you your garden sure produced some amazing flowers..enjoy the last bunch, they are beautiful!
    Have a great day ladies!

  4. Congrats on the new house!

    Also, I love that your little guy dared to put his head under water. What an amazing photo!

    I am so happy I found this project. I'm so excited to participate each week! Yay!

  5. I will be handing over the keys in a few weeks....lots of prayer:)


  6. How exciting on the new house keys!!!!! AND- I am loving the goggles to cut onions.