Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today - a little of this 'n a little of that.

Buckeroomama in Hong Kong

The kids had fun with this really cool bubble machine.

Caroline in England

13th Oct

Daddy's Home!! The children ALL love to climb and Daddy makes the BEST climbing frame!

Lola in Utah

Thursday, Oct 13

I love sneaking glimpses of my little guy when he's "reading" in his chair in the nursery. Don't you just LOVE some {or even MOST} aspects of technology?
May in Germany


I LOVE pinecones.

Rikako in Japan

Today's favorite dish. Fried burdock with sesame source.

Salma in Canada


Sarah in Atlanta


Excited to be eating at Steak 'n Shake -- waiting on his dinner to arrive so he could eat enough of it to get a milkshake :)

Sonya in the Netherlands


That pizza is laying on top of a cd envelope..portion control sucks!

Tinajo in Sweden


What better to do when fall arrives than to read a little?

Wanda in Montreal, Canada

Thurs Oct 13

"Mums" come in every colour, but this pink was electric.

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  1. Beautiful day all the pictures...Have a wonderful day!