Sunday, October 2, 2011

Today 03.10.2011


SARAH, GEORGIA10.3 Had fun celebrating my baby's 3rd birthday over the weekend! He loves Mickey Mouse ;)


BUCKEROOMAMA, HONG KONG10.3 I love this pair of shoes on Josh!


CAROLINE, ENGLANDfamily,BW,lifestyle 6/8 children in this shot (missed no7 & no8 was napping) ~ all making gingerbread men together ~ I love moments like these! :)


KATIE, CANADA2011.10.03 (Batoche cemetary, Saskatchewan, Canada)




MAY, GERMANY03.10.11 A circus came to town and we came to know about it the day they were packing and leaving.


RIKAKO, JAPAN10.3 Kent went to watch professional soccer game.


SALMA, CANADASalma,Communal Global Rainbow hanging out with his best (only) friend, Agab in his favorite place. I htink they are having a conversation.


SONYA, THE NETHERLANDS3.10 Meet Sherman, the newest member of the family!


TINA, SWEDEN 10.3 No one gets happier than Elsa when she gets carried around a little..!


  1. LOVE the pics today - gave me a big smile! :-)

  2. Happy Monday everyone, hope you had a great week-end!

    Love the Mickey cake - how original! Sure the little boy was delighted.

    Josh shows put a big smile on my face! They are just so cute.

    8 children - busy but happy family! Gingerbread, so lovely it is to see them all working together.

    Rainbow seems to have a great chat with his friend! Children amaze me every single day!

    When it comes to other topics than children, love all your special moments......fresh and great to start a new week.

  3. Love all the shots today!!! Have a wonderful Monday ladies!

  4. Sarah: Happy birthday to your baby..:)
    Bmama: Those are indeed pretty cool shoes!!
    Caroline: Just love the frenzy of activity happening in your kitchen!!
    Katie: Now thats a unique cross.
    Becky: Thats a very beautiful capture. The orange of the flower and blue of the sweatshirt complement each other so perfectly.
    Rikako: I do not follow soccer...:(
    Salma: Is that Rainbow's tent??
    Sonya: Looks like Sherman's a hungry fella!! If he could, I think he would love to nibble on all the yummy muffins you prepare...:D
    Tina: Aaah!!! Anybody would want to trade places with Elsa...;-)