Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Today 05.10.2011


MADDY, NEW JERSEY/NYC10.4.11 A man smoking on his lunch break.


TINA, SWEDEN10.5 Morning fog in my garden.


BUCKEROOMAMA, HONG KONG10.5 Zoë in her Chinese outfit holding up her Angry Bird lantern during the Lantern Parade at her school.


SARAH, GEORGIA10.5 Our puppy, Stella, is getting so big! Almost 5 months old and hardly ever sits still long enough for me to snap a picture of her.


MAY, GERMANY05.10.11 He loves maps and being our guide whenever we travel.


KATIE, CANADA2011.10.05




SONYA, THE NETHERLANDS5.10 It's nearly impossible to get a decent photo of a hare. They are so fast! Love those big ears!


CAROLINE, ENGLANDflowers,macro The flowers have been enjoying the sunshine too ~ these are my marigolds. I don't have many, but I love the ones I have :-)


SALMA, CANADA10.5 Rainbow is waiting for baba to come home from work. He's 4 hours ahead though...


  1. I particularly like Caroline's photo collage. The marigolds are beautifully captured. They appear to be unlike any marigold I have seen, more like our daisies.

  2. Beautiful pictures ladies! Love them all..Have a wonderful day!

  3. @POS ~ thanks for the lovely comment ~ they are English Marigolds ; http://bit.ly/py90Y4

    So much cuteness around here today girls ~ puppies and children alike.

    Maddy that restaurant shot is very striking (although I don't much like the thought of restaurant workers smoking) ~ I'm never brave enough to point my lens at strangers ~ well done!

    Sonya ~ I've never even seen a hare, let alone photograph one!

    I look forward each day to catching a glimpse of everyone's world :-)

  4. Caroline I had never seen one either until I moved here. They are so big! the back of their legs are so long and they are lightening fast.