Friday, October 7, 2011

Today 07.10.2011


TINA, SWEDEN10.7 My boys and I are sweet tooths - loving cookies of all kinds (especially the pretty ones)!


SONYA, THE NETHERLANDS7.10 Peanut butter and chocolate has finally made its debut here! I wonder if Dutch people will love it as much as Americans:)


RIKAKO, JAPAN10.7 Not for my kids, I love picture books for myself.


MAY, GERMANY07.10.11 A caricature artist in Florence has made my kids look like twins!!


BUCKEROOMAMA, HONG KONG10.7 A drawing Zoe made of her and Daddy (princess and king).


KATIE, CANADA2011.10.07 I love traveling and seeing funny store names. I've developed quite the collection. Happy Friday! (Jakarta, Indonesia)


CAROLINE, ENGLAND7th OctoberWith summer's brief return so has the late evening playing in the garden ~ this is probably my favourite shot of last week because it seems to encapsulate so many memories in one click!


SALMA, CANADA Photobucket


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. beautiful Friday photos! Zoe's drawing my favorite : )

  2. Happy Friday Ladies.
    Beautiful shots. Buckeroomama, that's one for framing right?

    Caroline, beautiful.

  3. Lovely pics, all of them - and love the drawing! :-)