Monday, October 17, 2011

Tuesday Around the World Linky

Lola, Utah

 Tuesday, Oct 18 

 My niece Jo did some modeling for me on the swingset. Isn't she just gorgeous? Did you guys know that Lola is a famous Utah TV host? She was actually a local celebrity! Now she mommy's with the best of them and makes every day a special one for her kids. We are so lucky she thought up this brilliant idea. 

 Maddy, New Jersey/NYC


You know Maddy is not laying on the Jersey Shore right now, right? Poor girl is moving. Let's all send her some good vibes because goodness gracious, we all know how stress inducing a move is. God bless you Maddy! You make Communal Global a great place. 

 Katie, Indonesia and Canada


Did you know Katie's husband is in the military? He is overseas right now. The family misses him very much.

Becky, Philadelphia

Are you still eating ice cream in September?
We are : ).
We just got some Pumpkin Ice Cream from Trader Joe's.

Caroline, England

  18th Oct 

 Op Art was topic in art this week. Did everyone know that Caroline is a homeschooling mother? She is. 

 Buckeroomama, Hong Kong


The kiddies enjoying bubble tea. Josh had honey green tea and Zoë had taro milk tea. 

 Salma, Canada


I love cake. Did you know Salma is a new Mommy? She has one baby and he is the light of her life. She loves blogging. 

 Rikako, Japan


Grandparents of my kids held their works exhibition. Grandma does ceramic arts, and Grandpa does paintings. Did you know Rikako speaks limited English but she does her very best to write descriptions each day so all of us can understand what is going on in her part of the world. We love Rikako because she is a very faithful contributor. 

 May, Germany


When I see beauty like this I am speechless. May is on of our newer contributors. She has been very great at uploading every day and sharing glimpses of her world with us. Thanks May for sharing your light with us. 

 Tinajo, Sweden


Moss always looks so soft and inviting!

 Wanda, Canada


Wanda loves taking pictures of flowers! Did you know Wanda is busy starting a photography business in her hometown. We are so proud of her and love watching her soar.


  1. Love all of the shots...Happy Tuesday to all.


  2. Wonderful photos girls! I loved reading little tidbits about everyone!!

    It is true that we miss my hubby so much. One small correction, he is a diplomat, not in the military. ;)

  3. Thank you for hosting!
    My best regards from Romania!