Friday, April 26, 2013

Time for Bed

BECKY - Philadelphia
 photo sleepingcommunalglobal_zpsd313ddfd.jpg

SINGWA - Hong Kong bedtime.
Fri - Apr 26, 2013 (At bedtime) photo At-bedtime_zpsbbdca9da.jpg

CAROLINE - England
I've been backing up old pictures from disks, and found this one that a friend of mine shot on film. He was capturing his God-daughter's bedtime this day..back in 2002! 
Fri April 26th ~ Time for Bed (please read media info) photo untitled-0006_zps298e376f.jpg

JADE in Thailand
PHOTO FOR APRIL 26: TIME FOR BED photo _TMK2921_zps4ac57051.jpg

WANDA - Montreal
Time to turn of the computer and.........
Fri Apr 26, 2013 Time for Bed..... photo 2013-04-25Communalglobal001_zps938994f8.jpg

.....GET TO BED!!!

Good night.

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