Monday, April 15, 2013

"Quiet" Monday

Caroline (England) ~ 
Quiet ... hmmm, now there's an interesting concept!! So in the absence of the real thing, I created a little tranquillity! 
~ Shhhh ~ don't tell everyone about this little beauty we aquired!! :D

 May (Germany) ~ Slowly and quietly waiting to spring open..

Jade (Thailand) ~ Journal & tea while everyone else celebrates Thai New Year.

Sonya (The Netherlands) ~ The quiet stillness of the woods

Maddy (New Jersey/NYC) ~ Shhh ~ don't wake the baby!"

Wanda (Montreal) ~ Caught this moment of a client in between poses.

Singwa (Hong Kong) ~ 
An iPAd, some pretzel sticks with Nutella dip... not a peep out of her for 15 minutes, while she watched her 'shows.'

Becky (Philedelphia) ~ caught this little man having a quiet few moments, just where he was!

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  1. Each photo here today is just beautiful...I wish I knew the people, had seen the landscape myself...was witnessing spring coming with you! Well done!