Monday, April 22, 2013


Today we bring you a little mini-view of the world at our feet!!!

Caroline ~ England
This is just the kids shoe cupboard ~ there's another one the same right next for Paul's and mine! We have a LOT of shoes in our home!! And btw ~ the feet at the bottom of the picture ... that's me in my 'old faithfuls' :D 

Singwa ~ HongKong

Jade ~ Thailand
Heals on Cobbles...hmmm...treacherous!

Becky ~ Philedelphia
Boots in the rain.

Just a little bit of fun :D


  1. Jade - Hmm, were these taken at Pottinger Street when you guys were here in HK? I was there, walking down those same steps last week --in heels (!), on a rainy day (!) --and yes, it was treacherous. :)

  2. I totally love the whole composition and "feel" of that heels on cobblestone shot. AND, I can totally relate to it too...been there, done that, got the broken heels to prove it, haha.